Monday, March 11, 2013


Yes, I know. I abandoned all of you. I swear it hasn't been intentional.

I've just been busy. Plus we've been sick for pretty much the past month. On top of running my mommy group and you know, incubating a child. Oh and working full time!

Forgive me?

So what have we been up to? Joey attended a course to earn his med gas certification. He's now looking for a new job using that. It will pay significantly more. Long term plan is to eventually have me stay home if things pan out.

Jellybean, poor jellybean, he caught a nasty virus that had him down and out over a week, fever, blisters, no appetite. It was pitiful. He's back to normal now though and a total goofball. He's obsessed with cars, trucks and trains. We watch Cars 2 & Mater's Tall Tales a lot. Chatterbox, smart as a whip and just as mischievous. It's been pretty cool watching his personality develop and come out!

Jujube - 30 weeks along now. And I feel it! I failed my one hour glucose and passed my 2. So far growth ultrasounds have been good. I'll on OB appointments every two weeks now with a non stress test at each one and continuing growth ultrasounds every three weeks. So, I basically live at the OB office. If I go into labor before my scheduled c section date then our plan is to have me labor at home as long as possible and basically show up at the hospital ready to push so I can have a VBAC. Things are slowly coming together at home. One thing I know I don't need is clothes. Holy beejeezus - we have a ton!

I'll try to not be as much of a stranger if I can!

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Meghan said...

Love your dress!


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