Tuesday, March 12, 2013

So This Is What Hell Feels Like

I have a sinus infection.


A “I can feel the snot vibrating in my ears every time I blow my nose” sinus infection.


A “The pressure is making my teeth hurt” sinus infection.


A “I’m almost 8 months pregnant and absolutely miserable” sinus infection.


The minute clinic  won’t see you if you’re pregnant. My GP was useless when I was breastfeeding so I doubt he would be helpful when pregnant. So I called the OB office, somewhat begging, for a prescription. My OB is off today. Of course. They are trying to track him down so he can call something in.


In the meantime, I’m dying here. At my desk. At work. Because I can’t take a sick day since I missed almost 4 days while Jellybean had the plague. And I have at the most 9 weeks of work left before maternity leave. This obviously means I need to go ahead and start playing the lottery. That way I can afford sick days.


Because this shit – sucks!


Good things about today. Jellybean woke up happy. At 6am. Walked out, sat on the couch and started watching Cars 2 for the bajillionth time. As in we just watched it last night. While munching on some cereal. Happily walked in the door at day care without a glance back at me.


Dinner is ready to pop in the oven as soon as I walk in the door. I really love meal planning sometimes. When I stick to it, it makes my life so much easier!


Now I’m going to resume not breathing. And whining. In tandem.

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