Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday

How far along are you? 31 weeks 5 days

Forget those comparisons of baby to fruit - what animal do you most feel like right now? If I'm trying to get off the couch or bed - a turtle on its back. Otherwise...a baby hippopotamus.

How many cup sizes have you gone up already? Where do you think you'll end up? 2. I'm comfortably filling a D. Once my milk comes in -probably a DD. On a 5' frame. Perhaps I can pick up a moonlighting gig?

How many times a day/night do you pee? 2,748...give or take a few!

Are you ever disappointed after running to the bathroom to pee? Feeling surely there must be more then that? Half the day. There are times where a teaspoon trickles out. And I waddled quickly for that?

Have you found anything that doesn't give you heartburn? Negative. Sleeping apparently causes heartburn as its been waking me up at night. Oh wait Pepcid and Zantac don't!

What are you tired of hearing? You look so cute! No, no I don't. I look pregnant and I have competing bumps in the front and back. It hurts to sit and it hurts to stand.

What are you looking forward to? 3D ultrasound on Saturday!

1 comment:

Meghan said...

I'm sorry--I laughed at the visual of a baby turtle trying to get feet back on the ground lol.


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