Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Moans

I slept wrong on Saturday night and a muscle in my neck is not happy about it at all. I trudged through the pain on Sunday to get everything done and finally managed to fall asleep last night. Despite telling the hubby to come to bed a zillion times since he was falling asleep on the couch, he didn't. So then Jellybean woke up around 11:30, saw the light from the TV and wanted to get up too and watch "TB". It wasn't night night time anymore since the TB was on. After an hour, he finally fell back asleep. And I couldn't. Because now my neck hurt again and my heartburn was kicking. Then I had to pee. Then Jellybean woke up again. (Repeat cycle ad nauseum)


So its Monday, I'm back at work on about 4 hours of sleep and my neck still hurts.


Thank goodness tonight's dinner is a frozen pizza and salad!

1 comment:

Sara S said...

I know how those nights go! I don't know how I slept wrong 3 nights ago, but my neck is still sore! Hope you get a nap or some decent sleep soon!


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