Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fairytales and Evil Dragons

Sometimes I wish that life really could be fairy tales and happy endings all the time. That it didn’t get hard and cause stress, heartache, and strife at times. After I posted my blog on Sunday things went downhill fast. Something’s just don’t need to be shared online though so I won’t go into details. This fairytale has just bumped into the protagonist of the story though - that evil dragon!

We’ve hit a huge pothole in our journey through life – it’s one of those that the front of your car falls in and you don’t know whether to back up, go forward, or try to go around. Sometimes – it feels like this:

It’s rougher when you truly love each other deeply but know that in this situation you are just helpless to get the other person through what ails them. We are working hard on getting through this together but I won’t lie – it’s hard. There are some tense moments at our house and it will probably cycle through this roller coaster for another month or so until we figure out our new “normal” We still have our good and happy moments but the white elephant is always in the room there with us – just waiting to creep up. I’ve used this to dig down deep in my faith and put my trust in God. I’ve fired back up on my bible reading at night and my devotionals. I truly believe that sometimes only God can guide you and that’s where I am now.

If I don’t post as often in the next few weeks just bear with me – I run out of energy earlier right now. My emotions are shot and I just need some time to process and adjust. I’ll be back – that’s a promise!

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