Monday, November 16, 2009

"Not Me" Monday

Not Me Monday was created by MckMama -- It's an opportunity to get a little therapy for all those things you would never do, but did :) Click here for all the rules.

I did not go psycho b**tch on my husband and his in-laws this past weekend after not having a weekend alone in our house for over a month now. This has not led to me now printing out articles about “leaving and cleaving” and arranging a discussion with my hubby tonight to set boundaries so that we can reclaim our home as ours and keep our marriage intact with both of us happy.

Joey and I did not rent “Monsters vs. Aliens” last night despite not having children at home and watch it as our date night movie.

I did not make a huge production out of Joey giving me my trigger shot last night with icing, biting and the whole nine yards only to discover….it didn’t hurt at all.

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