Sunday, January 2, 2011

Baby Jellybean update

Jellybean and I are both doing well. They released me from the hospital yesterday morning after my blood pressure finally came down and stabilized. After surgery my platelets were low and one of my liver enzymes was elevated while my blood pressure was staying high. We're now thinking that I was preeclamptic and that caused Jellybean's IUGR and the lack of amniotic fluid.

Jellybean is definitely feisty and oh so adorable. He has started on breastmilk and seems to be tolerating it well. He hasn't had a bowel movement in the last three diaper changes though so they may end up giving him a suppository to get him moving. He also needs to have more bowel movements since he is slightly jaundiced and the bm help clear that out of the system. He's doing light therapy now to get his levels down. He has been breathing room air since birth and has a very healthy set of lungs on him.

They let me do Kangaroo care with him at least twice a day which he and I both love. He gets very upset that he isn't actually allowed to nurse yet and spends all his time sucking on my skin instead. The Kangaroo care definitely has been helping with my supply though and I am trying to pump every 3 hours so he can get the nutrition he needs. Its one of the few things I can do for him right now. He needs to get up to 4lbs and pass a few more hurdles before he can come home. We were told to expect at least 3 weeks in NICU.

Joey has been amazing through all this even though I am sure he feels run ragged. He had his wife in one hospital, his son in another, his other son down here and none of this close to home. He must have driven at least 5 hours around town yesterday coordinating everything. He spent New Years at the hospital with Dominik just so our little man wouldn't be alone. Last night we checked into the Ronald McDonald house which is here on the campus of the hospital - its $15 per night but we are going to worry about that later. It will allow me to stay close to Dominik the entire time while Joey is going to try to juggle between our home and the hospital since we still have our pets and everything to take care of. I'm usually not one to ask for handouts but this whole situation is going to be very taxing for us financially with me out of work much sooner and for longer than expected and who knows how much the NICU and everything else will be costing us so I am going to put this out there and if anyone feels compelled - we will greatly appreciate and donations that will be made. I'm just going to use the money to pay for the Ronald McDonald house. The hospital is about 40 miles away from our home and I just can't bear being that far away from my baby.

Thank you so much for all your prayers and love - we appreciate it all!


Renegades said...

Glad that you are both doing so well.

Shell said...

Congrats! Sending prayers to your family, especially little Jellybean!

Day 2 Day Living said...

I'm happy to hear you are both doing well! Y'all are in our prayers.

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

Congratulations! I will kept you guys in my prayers.
Such a sweet little baby you have.

Kakunaa said...

He looks great for being so little! You are in my thoughts!

Nick and Kristi said...

Glad little man is plugging right along...and hope mama is doing well 2...Thoughts and prayers are with you and your hubs!!


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