Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Boobs Do Tricks - need your advice mom's!

No really they do! And any Mom who has breastfed knows what I mean. These girls now have a mind of their own and I have stopped trying to have any control over them. Somewhere in this post i am asking for your advice/help too so keep reading! :)

When it comes to T and A - I have always had the A thanks to gymnastics but never much of the T. Wait you're confused? Come on now - tell me you've heard those expressions before? If not - I'm talking about Tits and Ass. Luckily the hubby was always an ass man anyway so I lucked out with him since my B cup boobs weren't turning any heads. My boobs grew exponentially while pregnant and I kept hearing - just wait until your milk comes in...

OH MY WORD! My milk came in like gangbusters. I spent two weeks ENGORGED. My boobs got wider, fuller, and expanded in every way possible. I could totally get a gig at the strip club down the road right now that's how ginormous they are. I'm talking DD's here ladies. (Which ironically were my initials before I married the hubby) When I say engorged - I was pumping 6oz a session no problem. I learned to combat that by pumping about every two hours or as soon as they started to get a little painful. Its helping - some. I have so much milk in my freezer though that I am going to have to have the hubby drop some off at Jellybean's daycare way early since I am running out of room in there!

So as anyone who has dealt with engorgement knows - engorged boobies make it hard to latch on. It makes the nipple flat and baby can't suck on it. I've been counteracting that by pumping for a minute or two before we nurse and it seems like it is helping some. The only thing is that Jellybean still always seems hungry after we nurse. He can spend an hour on there and yet after he comes off I can tell he isn't full. He latches on great and I can tell he is getting milk but its like my milk doesn't fill him up. We rarely have that problem when he gets a bottle of expressed milk though. I can also still pump out at least an ounce on each side after he nurses.

Anyone have any thoughts or advice?

Oh and one more thing - How freaky is it how GINORMOUS your nipples are after pumping? Seriously - it's like a little smokie coming off the end of my boob!


Renegades said...

I was dry so I have no advice to give. Sorry!

Kakunaa said...

OMG I'm dying over here. I went from B to D so far and I'm at 27 weeks. I'm curious to see what happens when the milk comes in. LOL.

Is his sucking just not super strong, maybe? Too much work and the bottle is easier? That's how he started, so maybe his mouth just isn't sucking strongly enough? Hmmmm. What about a lactation consultant?

Shell said...

Some babies just like to suck. Mine did...they would let me use me as a human pacifier if I let them when they were babies.

So, they really were full, just wanted to suck. We went to binkies to save my poor nipples.

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Sorry. I can't help, my milk never came in with the 1st so I was advised not to try with the other 2. But my boobs were big enough as is!

Nick and Kristi said...

Ok you are cracking me up...Well Im opposite of you I have always had a booty and boobs...and now that Im pregnant they are just huge in a bad way...I was a double dd before and now I am a G...Didnt even know that existed...so I am terrified as to what they will become once the breastfeeding begins....Yikes


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