Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Simple Truths

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This started as a Facebook status I posted and it ended up being the catalyst for a blog post. Please feel free to post your own simple truths too! In fact maybe we should make it a weekly thing?

There are dishes from last night's dinner in my sink, my floors need to be swept and mopped.
There is laundry begging to be put away.
I think I smelled the cat's litter box as I was walking out the front door this morning.
I have two closets that I just make sure to keep the door closed because I don't feel like dealing with the mess they contain.
That wall in my bedroom that we moved the door on - still not painted.
We need to replace the carpet in all the bedrooms too.

My home may not be perfect but the dishes are there because we eat dinner as a family every night.
The floor and laundry are pushed off so that we can instead spend time together - playing, swinging in the front yard and giggling - lots of giggling.
The litter box didn't get changed out so I could spend some time on the couch with my hubby once Jellybean was asleep.
The closets stay a mess so I can watch Jellybean destroy his room instead.
The bedroom and the carpet are because I can't bring myself to make the hubby work on the house all weekend after he has just worked the whole week.
I'm happy that we manage to keep our heads above the water.
We have clean clothes to wear.
More often then not dinner's are homemade.
Jellybean rarely eats "baby food" (although he does love the Gerber Pasta Pickups!)
And my bed - it isn't made because I let the Jellybean sleep in until its time to strap him into his carseat to go to day care.

So maybe my house isn't perfect but my family - I'm pretty sure it is!


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Perfect! I did a thing yesterday where you listed the things that went right in the last week, the things that went right that day, and the things that will go right in the next week. It is such a good exercise!

The Suburban Princess said...

lol! My house is a total disaster, but at least the kids are happy and fed!


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