Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The most wonderful time of the year

A year ago...

I was eagerly anticipating Jellybean's arrival. I still had 6 weeks to go. (Or so I thought!)

This year I just celebrated Jellybean's first Christmas and have 3 days to go until his first birthday! Invitations are in the mail.

My house is busting at the seams with presents and he hasn't even gotten his birthday presents yet! Don't believe me? Check out this little video. Take into account this is only the living room. There are also toys in his room and on the back porch.

How many toys? Well I had to move his crib into our bedroom. To make room for this -

A train table. That is the same size as his crib. Let me say it again. We still haven't even gotten birthday presents yet.

Christmas was amazing though. There is nothing like seeing it through a child's eyes. Jellybean was still a little too young to "get it" but he loved playing with family all week end though.

Taking his Babcia on a walk.

 Mmmm. Dinner!

 Are these mine?
 Loved the bow!
and his cousin Austyn!
How did you say I juggle now?
My very own box!
And an even better box!
And that's a wrap folks!

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas too!

I only fought with the hubby half the time. That is a success.

My house is a war zone. 

My sister and kids are coming to celebrate New Years at our house so I have three days to get it clean.

I have to bake mini cupcakes to take to daycare on Friday for Dominik's birthday.

And we're still broke.

To a much better 2012!

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Krystal said...

Awww love the gifts! :) Here's to a less broke 2012. We need that wish over here too!


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