Monday, January 30, 2012

Because We're All BFF's

I’ve decided that since we are all friends here there are certain things you have to know about me. You know to keep your BFF status so here we go.

(Hopefully, no one notices that this actually means I am copping out on a real blog post because I spent all week end playing with Jellybean and or cleaning/cooking. Although I have some AWESOME blog posts to write after our weekends activities!)

1) I only drink white milk. I think chocolate milk is disgusting. I also will never ever drink the milk that is left over in the cereal bowl. Furthermore until I was an adult I always ate my cereal dry. No milk. Just cereal. Blame my mom. That’s how she served it up.
2) I didn’t eat Tuna until I was 19. Seriously. I hated the stuff. Then I went to work at a camp in NY and when presented with seriously limited choices I broke. Now I love tuna. But the bread has to be toasted.
3) I can’t cook if there are dirty dishes in my sink. Then that sets off a cleaning rampage many times since once I get started I feel I need to keep going.
4) My house never stays clean though since I have a toddler, a husband, a cat, a dog and a never ending supply of clutter that seems to reproduce whenever I’m not looking.
5) I hate oatmeal but I force myself to eat it anyway – because its good for me.
6) I wish I had more friends in real life. I’ve realized that life with a toddler makes that difficult.
7) I can still shop in the children’s department. Yup at 29.
8) My dog runs away on a weekly basis. The entire neighborhood knows this. Good thing he’s friendly and has several adopted homes.
9) I threaten to kill my husband at least twice daily. Last night it was when I caught him eating Jellybean’s ice cream. His sweet tooth gets him in trouble a lot.
10) I would pick a book over TV any day. Now that Jellybean sleeps again my favorite way to unwind is with a good book.
11) I never clean my car out. Even though I really need to.
12) I also never wash my car. Even though I really need to.
13) I want an HGTV makeover on my whole house and my yard.
14) I’m still a Daddy’s girl at 29. Proudly too.
15) My sister is my best friend. Along with my biggest cheerleader. (Although she hates that I won’t let Jellybean spend the night by himself yet. Jellybean is still night nursing though and she would have a LONG night!)
16) I need to work on my real blog posts tonight…


Natalie said...

I always watch HGTV shows and wish they would do my house and yard! Heck I would be fine with at least the yard! I also hate a full sink...b/c then after you cook it gets ridiculous!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Those all sound good to me, especially #9, as I do that too. And I still buy stuff in the kids department sometimes too!


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