Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Misadventures of Buffoon

A long, long time ago in a land far far away I introduced you to "The Misadventures of Baboon and Buffoon".

It was supposed to be a series but then I went and had Jellybean two days later and my blogging turned into a sporadic event where I posted pictures of Jellybean and tried to pass it off as writing.

What you think I haven't noticed that? Good thing the kid is so cute.

Now though - I just couldn't resist going back to it.

Baboon has actually been pretty good lately and he is laid up with some kidney stones so we'll go easy on him. Buffoon though, he has continued his antics.

Now since this is purely fictional I of course do not have any pictures but if I had to imagine Buffoon may look something like this -

and he may be employed as a plumber again after a period of unemployment.

While unemployed and looking for jobs he may have gone ahead and racked up 4 tickets.

In the time the Countess and Buffoon have been together he has gotten 15 or so tickets. The Countess - 0.

The Countess cries a little every time she has to make a car insurance payment.

So anyhow, the Buffoon was lucky enough to get two tickets dismissed, an extension on one and had another that needed to be paid by end of day yesterday. That was a must so he could elect traffic school and not raise the car insurance again.

The Countess told him this over and over again.

Reminded him he needed to leave work early and stop by her work to get the money to pay the ticket.

Called him on Monday at work and told him again.

He said "I thought I was just getting an extension."

"No - you HAVE to pay the ticket today and pick traffic school."

"Oh -okay"

Called again to make sure he was on his way. Said make sure you call me when you're getting close so I can bring you my card.


3:30 - No Buffoon and the Clerk of Court closes in an hour.

Ring...ring... "Where are you?"

"I'm crossing over Kepler now." (A road in the Countess' town. 30 minutes away meaning he didn't stop by The Countess' work.)

"WHAT? You were supposed to come get the card so you could pay the ticket."

"I thought I was getting an extension."

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH... How many times did I go over this with you today?"

So then the Countess had to call the bank, transfer money into Buffoon's account (which is always negative) and then tell him again he had to pay the ticket and pick traffic school.

Buffoon swears she never told him he was paying the ticket.

The Countess swears he doesn't listen AT ALL.

The Countess thinks its amazing she hasn't picked up a drinking habit yet.

And yes - Buffoon has earned his name honestly.

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