Friday, February 3, 2012

I think I earned my merit badge!

I should have known something wasn't right when Jellybean didn't want to eat his dinner Tuesday night. I mean the child lives to eat.

Thought nothing of it and we managed to get a little mac and cheese in him later.

Then it was time for bed.

I'm nursing him and Joey is laying with us too.

He's restless. Keeps popping off.

Then he sits up.

And projectile vomits ALL over me. (Hence the title - pretty sure that equals a mommy merit badge!)

Hubby turns into a deer in headlights as he keep puking on me.

Finally I get both of us in the shower to get cleaned up.

He seems okay.

Until he pukes all over me and the bed again a half hour later.

And keeps puking.

It was off to the emergency room.

We got there at 10:30pm.

Didn't see a doctor until 1am.

IV fluids and zofran.

Just as we're about to get discharged at 4:22am - he has an episode of diarrhea and spikes a fever of 103.

Motrin and a stoll sample culture check.

They decide to discharge him anyway and send us home.

After filling his prescription I finally crawl into bed around 6am and get 4 precious hours of sleep.

Then the ER calls to tell me his stool tested positive for C. diff.

Its off to the other pharmacy to get his antibiotic filled and we start compulsive handwashing.

Too late.

It hit me and the hubby yesterday.

I vomited like I was on the Exorcist - TMI? Sorry!

A call to my parents so they could come watch Jellybean and hubby and I were off to the ER ourselves.

It makes for a really quick ER visit when you already know whats wrong with you!

I think we're all starting to feel a little better. I've held down some soup, crackers and ginger ale. Jellybean is pretty much back to himself except for a nasty diaper rash thanks to all the poopy diapers he's had.

We will all be back to work and day care on Monday.

So how was your week?

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