Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Week from Hell

So I posted over the weekend about our house getting taken down by C diff.

Sunday night – Jellybean would not sleep. He’d doze off for a second and then be back up screaming.

We went on walks. We nursed. We rocked. Finally at 4 am I got the bright idea to give him a bath. So he pooped a little bit in the tub. Bingo – baby boy was constipated! All the meds had backed him up. I massaged his tummy and gave him a suppository.

He finished off his dirty work and fell asleep fast and hard.

I woke up two hours later and packed him off to day care letting them know he may sleep all day. They had me come pick him back up and take him home around 1:30. Apparently, my Jellybean has the same side effects from insomnia as I do – diarrhea. (TMI? Sorry!) But because he has just had C diff he got the boot. And couldn’t return until he was given the all clear from his doctor. Who couldn’t see him until 10am the next day.
So we went home. Where he was fine.

And I was missing work - unpaid.

We played and went to bed early since we were all exhausted.

Not good news at the doctor’s at all. Even though he was obviously the picture of health - (The doctor and I agreed on this as Jellybean ran around the room shrieking) They couldn’t send him back until we did another stool sample that came back negative.

So we went back home.

Where I was missing work – unpaid.

I waited on a poopy diaper to take to the lab. I showed up with said diaper and was told they needed two vials worth. And that results could take a week because they DON’T do Stat orders on stool cultures. I grabbed those lab orders right back out of the lady’s hand and marched over to the hospital lab. Where they handed me my containers and pointed me towards the bathroom so I could transfer the Jellybean’s goods into it. In and out in 20 minutes with results promised the next day.

Then we went back home. Where I was missing work – unpaid.

Jellybean was trying to be helpful though.

He makes a pretty good laundry assistant.

Not bad at snuggling for movies either.

So we slept in yesterday – since you know, I was missing work – unpaid.

Then we went to the park for a little bit. I cleaned the house. Jellybean made a mess of it.

We played peek a boo with the curtains in the living room.

I put all the laundry away. (Except the three bags of puky laundry on the back porch that I still haven’t taken to the laundrymat) I ran out of laundry detergent.

I took Jellybean on a 3 mile walk where he finally passed out for a nap.

And I kept calling the pediatrician and the lab on those darn results.

When Joey walked in the door at 5:30 I handed him the Jellybean and bolted out the door. I needed a mental break for a minute. 8 full days- non stop with a 13 month old do something funny to your brain.

While I was out I finally got the call- we were C diff negative! Woo Hoo – back to work and back to day care for us!

Where I will be getting paid!

During the past week I’ve learned that I love my child but he is EXHAUSTING. That there is such a thing as too much time together. I also figured out that I need to find a new daycare arrangement that doesn’t lead me to miss so much time at work. I may have found one – that is even more affordable then the current. I need to go interview tomorrow and we will see from there.

I think I have also found a way to make some extra money to get us back on our feet. It means working for a few hours in the evenings once Jellybean is in bed but if it lets us get ahead again financially then its well worth a little less sleep. Hopefully life is now settling down again and I can get back to hanging with all of you!

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