Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Shitastic Thursday

Last Thursday was perfectly shitastic.


It started at 8am with a phone call at work. Someone discovered a mistake with something and it was major. A project I hadn’t touched at all. I wasn’t involved in it and once we did our research my department hadn’t even made the mistake. But of course it became my problem. That consumed 80% of the rest of my day.


Which just kept getting worse.


Last Sunday night a breaker had blown at our house. The breaker controlled the lights to our living room, dining room and Jellybean’s room. We found out after that happened and a few fruitless visits to various hardware stores in the area that we really need to replace our entire breaker box since its ancient and a fire hazard. Yesterday I was finally able to locate a new breaker. To the tune of $38 for one single 15amp breaker – the same for a new system - $3.45. We put the new breaker in and it promptly blew again. So Joey has to climb in the attic and see if he can find wtf is wrong with it. Except he’s working out of town.


Then after work I had to take Jellybean back to the pediatrician as his cough still hadn’t improved from last week. If anything it was worse despite finishing a  round of Zithromax. I had questioned the Zithromax script in the first place as it hadn’t worked well for him in the past but the ARNP swore that it worked best on this type of bacteria. NEGATIVE – never allowing them to prescribe it for him again. He not only still had bronchitis but now had an ear infection to boot thanks to all the fluid build up. Spiked a raging fever from it that night too. Once the thermometer hit 103 and kept going I popped the ibuprofen in his mouth as quickly as I could. He actually slept really well all night. Slowly he is getting back to normal. He was pitiful last week. It didn’t help that the wait at the pharmacy for his script was 3 hours either.


Then to top it off – Joey’s truck broke down again. I ordered over $200 worth of parts for him that a friend of his picked up and brought to him. He managed to make it back to town and his car broke down again at the pharmacy when he went to pick up Jellybean’s prescriptions. I drove over to jump him off, he put the new alternator in and hot a quarter of a mile down the road only to have the  truck die again. We tried jumping it a few times and finally had to call a tow truck.


Come to find out they sold us a bad alternator.


We’ve also been dealing with the 2 yo sleep regression. Not familiar? It involves trying to get your child to go to bed from the hours of 8pm to 11pm. While he cries and screams “No Go BED” “NO GO BED!” Really fun times, especially when you’re pregnant and have to pee, eat and drink during that time. Then the next day he’s a cranky mess and asleep by 6:30 pm. I see the end of nap time ahead. Just in time to have a newborn.


Someone go drink a double for me? OK?






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