Friday, December 7, 2012

Sometimes I miss...

As you all know – I LOVE being a mom.


Seriously – the best thing ever.


That said – occasionally, I find myself getting nostalgic for the old days – I blame country music. I mean a song like “Cruise” comes on and suddenly I can’t help but think back.


Back to driving around in Joey’s Jeep when we were dating. Blue is in the back slobbering out the window. The radio is up, windows down and we have no destination in mind. We really were just cruising on the back roads. Care free. We might have some Publix subs with us (mmm…Publix subs…I miss lunch meat…) and a bag of boiled peanuts.


Then there were the road trips to Mississippi where we’d just talk and laugh the whole way. We’d fall in love again during those 10 hour hauls. Sometimes get a little naughty on the way. (Hey – how do you think we ended up with two kids this quickly? We like each other. A LOT!) ;)


I wouldn’t change my life for the world but occasionally it’s be nice to travel back to a time where car payments, mortgages, health insurance day care, etc weren’t on the list. It was pay per view UFC fights on demand with a bonfire going in the back yard and good friends hanging out at home with a six pack.


Maybe its just me realizing how little free time we will really have once Jujube is here. Its how little together time I get with Joey since he’s been working so much. We squeeze it in when we can but I miss him. I wish my time with him didn’t mean doing chores, running errands and tackling grown up stuff.


Every once in awhile I’d love to go back to  sitting on the back of a lift gate, staring at the beach and not thinking about a damn thing other then the hot guy sitting next to me.


Luckily, he’s my hubby and one day, when the kids are grown, we’re old, gray and flabby we will be that couple – sitting margaritas on the beach and feeling content with how full our lives really were.


What do you get nostalgic for?


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