Thursday, April 19, 2012

Life is Good Today

I'm sitting here drinking a hot tea with lemon which never fails to make me feel good.

Almost all of the dishes are washed.

Everyone had breakfast and lunch packed to take to work/day care today.

We all slept well.

The house looks relatively clean. If you ignore the ridiculous amount of laundry left to put away.

Last night when I walked in the bedroom to put jammies on I realized the hubby had done this before he left for class -
I about died laughing and wondered if Goldilocks was going to be stopping by.

I kept Jellybean occupied last night during dinner prep by handing him a pitcher filled with ice. The kid was happy as a clam.

I was a proud momma already since day care let me know that they use him to push the older kids along and get them to say new things and learn new tasks. Example - they needed to say cookie in order to get one. Jellybean loves that word. He will stand under our pantry saying it until someone gives him a cookie. So of course he was more than happy to say cookie and he ended up with one in each hand. That he paraded around the other kids. :) I bet they'll say cookie next time.

Seriously though - he is super smart and stubborn too. No worries though - I have no plans for MENSA testing or college prep any time soon though. I mean he does still love to drag mac n cheese through his hair!

Joey also let me know last night that he gets to step down to two nights a week in his classes! Thank goodness. Even one extra night a week is a god send! It also means he's doing a good job in his program.

I have some other stuff I'm working on behind the scenes that could be really great for our family too.

All in all though?

Life is Good today!


Natalie said...

That is too funny...I'm glad life is good! :)

Melissa Estes said...

Happy to hear that life is good today for you! Good days are a God send!


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