Wednesday, April 25, 2012

PYHO - Everyone Doesn't Need to Know

The hubby and I had a H-U-G-E fight last night.


I'm sure we will both get over it in the next week or so. We usually do. But we have some fights. Reality TV worthy.

So obviously I blast all over Facebook about all my marital troubles and what a dickhead my hubby is. Because that is the perfect forum for it right? I mean EVERYONE should know my personal business. Every intimate detail of it.

In fact I think I'll also start giving graphic accounts of my annual gyn exams on there too.

Maybe I'll ask for their opinions on decisions that should be left to the hubby and me.

So my only reference to having a rough night last night was this -

Dear Coffee -

I'm so glad we were able to share that moment together this morning. I can only hope that you got as much pleasure out of it as I did. If not we can try again in an hour or so when I'll be needing you again.

Forever yours,

There's a reason why the hide from news feed is my favorite feature on Facebook. I don't want to know every detail of everyone else's life. I have enough drama in my own.

Hubbies can be jerks. Work can suck. Babies get sick. Dogs poop all over the house. People let you down.

That's life.

Somethings are meant to be kept private. Facebook even with all its security features is not a private forum. Sometime maturity means knowing when to bite your lip and remember that this too shall pass. (Wish I could remember that when I'm in the middle of a heated argument!) Its not the time to go blasting it on Facebook so that EVERYONE knows.

There are times I wish I could get on there during a fight with my hubby and let it all out. I want to hear that I am right and have everyone agree with me. Except it won't change the fact that we are fighting. That he still thinks I'm wrong and that we are angry with each other. All it will do is divide us even further.

Set limits. Boundaries. Respect that some things require privacy.

Remember that things change. Maybe for the better or for the worse. Things aren't good all the time. If they were you'd stop appreciating the good times.

Feel free to post when your hubby sends flowers to work, just because. Let me know your kiddo just used the potty for the first time. Your dog ran into the sliding glass door.

Just think before you post.
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Deanna crazed said...

I've learned over the years to be very careful about what I post on my blogs or on Facebook. I can say things in a vague way without all the details or I decide what is ok to post and what I don't want everyone in the world knowing. I guess some people like the attention but it may end up biting them in the ass in the future!

Samantha said...

Sorry about your fight...I hope things clear up soon!

I try to only post positives on FB, although, being such a sarcastic person...people don't get it half the time. But I've always made sure to never degrade my Husband...mostly b/c people never expected us to make it to our 1 year anniversary...much less 5 years later. So I don't want to give them something to talk about...so I just don't say anything. I guess it's a pride thing, even though...we can have some pretty hefty arguments too.

I have seen some people air every ounce of their dirty laundry in full detail on FB, and I do feel sorry for their spouses in that respect.

CharisFaith said...

It's hard when you are in the middle of it to not look for others who will justify and agree with your position.

Especially when dealing with someone with the disease of addiction (speaking from my personal experience and marriage), which is a whole other added factor because they think differently then we do.

Great post and so very true. You are absolutely right, this too shall pass. In the meantime do something nice just for you, because you are worth it!!!

Julia Hunter said...

It's so hard to have restraint sometimes when it comes to facebook. Sometimes I type out what I'm feeling and then delete it. It helps me to get the words out without hitting the post button. Stoppy by from PYHO

Shell said...

So very true!

I'll never forget the girl who was posting all about her husband cheating all over fb- and talking about hunting down the girl he was cheating with, etc. A few weeks later, they made up and she got pregnant and was posting about how excited she was for that.

But then everyone she's friends with knew all about the cheating and it was hard to be all yay, great for you two!

Somethings just don't need posted to fb!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I have a friend who sounds just like the one Shell said- she was all over her cheating husband, then all over her pregnancy and what a beautiful marriage and family she has. Repeat x1,000- some never learn!

Ducky said...

It IS tempting, isn't it? Sometimes I find the temptation there simply because its in my nature to write when I'm upset. I can't write with pen and paper nearly as quickly as I can type. THANK GOODNESS for be able to journal via my lap top. :O)

I hope things have settled down to a peaceful level for you <3


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