Monday, April 16, 2012

Then I fell down the rabbit hole

Okay so I didn't really fall down a rabbit hole. Although  I may welcome that at this point. The insanity that is my work life just isn't letting up. In addition I had to work an event on Saturday so my weekend consisted of one day.

Oh and I also earned the crappy mom award on Friday. Jellybean threw up Friday morning before day care. It was mucus so I chalked it up to congestion/post nasal drip and sent hime to day care. An hour later they texted me to let me know he threw up again. I immediately knew that meant he had another ear infection. Hauled him to the pediatrician where they confirmed him and took him BACK to day care since he wasn't contagious.

This mom needs to be at work.

He slept all day.

I still felt like crap for sending him to day care sick though.

I don't think he minded at all. He treated me to open mouth, grabbing my face with both hands kisses.

I feel like I should write more but this girl has a couch date with her hubby and he just walked in with our movie.

I might be blogging less but that's only because I'm living more.

I'll catch up with you soon!


Samantha said...

I hope yours gets to feeling better!! And I hope your couch date was fun too! Yay to living more!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Hope he is already on the mend! Ear infections are the worst for little ones! Live life girl! you deserve it!


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