Sunday, October 21, 2012

Game Plan

As we all know - my pregnancy, well delivery actually with Jellybean got quite eventful at the 35 week mark. In case you aren't familiar - here's what happened.

Needless to say that makes me quite nervous this time. Especially since this pregnancy is REALLY different. I have a quarter of the symptoms I did last time. Often I forget I'm pregnant. Thus I'm convinced its a girl this time. Or because I already have everything under the sun for a boy so naturally life would give me a girl this time.

Anyhow, I had my official OB intake appointment on Friday and we worked out a game plan to avoid the same outcome with Jujube.

Great appointment overall. My bp was perfect and I've only gained 3 lbs so far. We found Jujube's heartbeat immediately and it was 168 bpm. (Big sigh of relief there! Not fun was the blood work and some vaginal swabs, Uhh. Especially when my perfect veins rolled and she had to stick me in the other arm too! Also not fun - finding out my entire deductible has to be paid by January. Ouch. $750! Easy peasy when I have Christmas and Jellybean's birthday right before that!

In 2 weeks I go in for my NT scan and flu shot. Joey and Jellybean are both going to join me for that. Then in 4 weeksa  regular ob visit. 

This is where our game plan gets different based on our history with Jellybean. Because we don't know what caused his IUGR, although we suspect it may have been undiagnosed HELLP syndrome we're going to do things a little differently. First I'm going to start on a low dose aspirin as a precaution. It won't make a world of difference but it can't hurt either. Next we will do ultrasounds every 3 weeks starting at 24 weeks to check growth. Non Stress Tests starting at 34 weeks. C-section is planned for 39 weeks - 5/10/13 - Our 5th Wedding Anniversary! I couldn't have imagined a better present then that. The OB did express concern over the fact I'm still nursing Jellybean but it is minimal at best and I won't wean him just because of concern. If we see Jujube showing growth restriction then I'll make the call then. I imagine Jellybean will wean before then anyhow as my milk supply drops. He's down to mornings and nights as it is.

My OB and I are both hoping for a boring uneventful pregnancy this time without a NICU stay! 

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S.I.F. said...

Sounds like a good plan so far! Let's keep that baby in there and safe!


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