Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ju Ju K

For about two months now Jellybean would go around saying Ju Ju K, Ju Ju K while he played.


We would laugh, smile and agree.


All the while having no clue what in the world it meant.


Day care couldn’t figure it out.


I couldn’t figure it out.


He had us stumped.


So we would Ju Ju K back and he’d be happy.


Finally, this morning an epiphany hit me.


He was on the floor playing with his trains as I got ready for work. Pushing them around and saying Ju Ju K, Ju Ju K.


“Wait, Jellybean – Choo Choo Train? Choo Choo Train?”


“Duh, Mom! I’ve been saying it the whole time. Don’t you guys know anything?”


I never imagined at almost 30 years I would be learning a new language. A language only one other person speaks. It doesn’t come with instructions or any sort of guide. It’s truly a total language immersion course.


I have a feeling if it was graded – I’d be failing too!


Now if you excuse me, I need to go push some Ju Ju K’s around the K table and put together some K track.


Pease? Aww Right! Yay, Momma!


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