Monday, October 1, 2012

Best Hubby Ever

I don't often post about how amazing my hubby is.

Usually I'm bitching about him or complaining about how he works out of town all the dang time.

This past weekend though, he was a star.

He watched Jellybean on Friday instead of having him go to day care. They ate breakfast on the back porch, walked around downtown, shared lunch at the best diner in town, went to the park and then wrapped it up shopping at Goodwill.

On Saturday he woke up early even though he was tired and wanted to sleep in. Jellybean wasn't having out though and wanted his Daddy. He played with him, cleaned the back and front porch, cleaned my whole car out and vacuumed it, let me sit on the couch catching up on shows I DVRed while Jellybean napped, and then watched Jellybean while I ran errands and bought groceries. Then we capped it off by going downtown again for some homemade ice cream.

As if all that wasn't enough - yesterday he once again woke up early after Jellybean hit him on the head a few times with a book. :) Then they went on a walk together while I got to take a shower AND blow dry my hair. After that he drove to my sister's house while I sat in the passenger seat and watched "What to Expect when you're Expecting," we celebrated my nephews birthdays and he fixed their water heater too. Once we got home he ran back out and bought me Wendy's when I said I was craving it.

After all that, he was up for work at 4am, with Jellybean, who I managed to put back to sleep once Daddy left.

The man is amazing and worthy of some love and praise. I made sure to thank him often for letting me relax this weekend and as soon as my energy comes back I'll be returning the favor!

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Natalie said...

Awww that is so sweet!


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