Monday, October 8, 2012

It's come to this

Joey and I use to fight A LOT.


Almost daily.


Or multiple times a day.


Not unexpected given the multitude of issues he had going on and the amount of stress and responsibility that ended up on me.


Something happened though. Between Joey being out of town so often for work and to be blunt – finally getting his shit together – we rarely fight anymore. I’ve had to reign him back in a few times when I know he’s getting close to a date with the dark side again but for the most part – we get along swimmingly.


So – our lives are pretty boring.


This past week has been a rare treat since Joey has been home since Wednesday night. That was a HUGE blessing on Friday. I was exhausted after a full week of sales meetings (9 hours in the same room with 7 other people – hence the lack of posts). I ordered pizza for dinner, Joey got home and I went and laid down in bed.


He came to check on me, saw I was asleep and took Jellybean for a walk so I could rest. The man is a saint.


So that night, after my husband was such a doll to me, I had a dream.


A dream where he did cross over to the dark side.


And we fought.


A nasty fight.


I was shocked at the things I was saying. I hated the person I was in the dream but sadly knew that I had said some of those things in real life.


When I woke up, I laughed about it. And so did Joey when I told him. Because if you think about it – it is pretty funny that I’ve resorted to having dreams about fighting since we don’t actually do it ourselves anymore.


Instead – we spend oodles of time together – happily. We leave the Jellybean with my parents and go on an ice skating date together.


Then instead of being a bitch and getting angry when he asks to go fishing – I suggest it to him and happily go to bed myself.


We take care of each other now instead of tearing each other down.


It took us almost six years to get here but it was worth all the work.


If the extent of our drama is what goes on in my head while I’m sleeping – and we all know pregnant women have some crazy dreams! – we’ll take it!


What’s your craziest dream been?


Natalie said...

I'm so glad it's just in your dreams and not in real life. So happy that you guys are getting along so well :)

S.I.F. said...

I'm so happy to hear you guys have come to a good placy lady! You deserve it!


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