Monday, June 21, 2010

Face...Meet Toilet

That is what I spent a good 20 minutes staring into this morning. I woke up and everything seemed okay. Well other then the fact that I tossed and turned all night so by the time the alarm went off I was exhausted. Any how, I stumbled into the kitchen and thought I would be nice and grab food out of the freezer to put in Joey's lunch box. I started to open the freezer and it hit me HARDCORE. I managed to squeak out "Grab something for your lunch!" as I ran to the bathroom. I hadn't thrown up like this yet. It was painful and with no food in my stomach since it was first thing in the morning it was all bile which I was quickly reminded of just how gross that is. Then Joey the genius asked me if I was okay - as I'm yakking into the toilet. "Does it look like I'm fricken okay right now? DOES IT?"

So after a quick shower and a mouthwash I felt human again. I even managed to make the bed. I am also all packed for my work trip to Texas this week. I'll be in San Antonio Wednesday through Saturday. I'm not sure how I'll handle two days on my feet non stop but - you do what you have to do - right? This is all really just a countdown though since next Friday we will once again be bound for the Florida Keys. You have no idea how glorious that sounds to me right now. I can taste the fresh seafood already. (along with the saltwater I will inevitably suck up in my snorkel). So if I'm a stranger for the next two weeks - my apologies.


Krystal said...

We are going to the Keys *this* week! What a coincidence. What Key are you going to? We are staying on Islamorada.

Shell said...

Enjoy your time away!


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