Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Everything's bigger in Texas and other related going - ons

Last week was an incredibly long week. I woke up at 5:30 on Wednesday morning so that I had time to get gas, drive to airport parking and take the shuttle over. I squeezed in a quick puking session since what morning is complete without that and was ready to walk out the door by 6am. A quick kiss for Joey, who I wouldn't see until 3am Monday morning as he had to take his son back to Mississippi and it was bon voyage. The flight into Houston was extremely turbulent at times and Jellybean was not enjoying that at all. Luckily the connection to San Antonio was uneventful.

The resort we stayed at for the food show was OUT OF THIS WORLD! I wish I could have brought Joey along as it is the perfect place for a romantic getaway. It's also great if you have kids. The even was held at the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country and I would gladly go back there anytime!
The restaurants were top notch with the most amazing homemade strawberry jam. The last night there we had dinner at the clubhouse restaurant 18 Oaks and I cannot say a bad thing about any part of the meal. A great range of appetizers - I highly recommend the Grilled Oysters and my Filet Mingon was beautifully prepared. Salted just right with a scrumptious horseradish sauce. Dessert was the highlight for me though since they had Zeppoles!! I have to have those anytime they are on the menu as they always take me back to childhood. The resort also boasts a waterpark of sorts with two pools, a lazy river, and water slides.
The restaurant/bar poolside - Rivertop Grill is really great too. I had Mahi Tacos there for lunch and loved the homemade tortilla chips. My coworker had a chillata - its beer, lime juice, ice and salt on the rim - she said it was very refreshing. We spent Friday evening relaxing poolside after two days of working nonstop. Friday morning we had to be at our booth by 6am so you can imagine how exhausted we were by days end. My baby bump was also on full display by the end of the night too. Although that may have been mainly bloating! It seems to come and go right now but I'm sure one of these days it will be here to stay.

Saturday morning I was up at 4:30 am to head back to the airport. I was actually glad to be coming home to an empty house except for the pets as my entire plan for that day involved catching up on sleep. I took a few naps on the plane ride but they just weren't refreshing at all. That excited took anose dive when I realized Joey left the house an absolute wreck and took pretty much all the food with him. Never leave a pregnant women without food.  I wanted to spend sometime with Joey when he got back - I really missed him!

That didn't go quite as I had hoped for. I mentioned Joey didn't get home until 3am; that is because he managed to catch a stomach bug while in Mississippi and spent the entire trip back getting sick. I thought I would help by giving him some nausea relief medicine when he got in along with some ginger ale, He managed to hold that down for about 3 seconds and then it turned into a scene from the Exorcist with projectile vomiting like I had never witnessed before. That continued for much of the night and following day. There was no way he was going to work and I couldn't leave him alone like that so I stayed home to play nurse. To top it off our AC decided to go on the fritz so I had to call the AC guy to come out and $160 later its working like a champ but between Joey missing work and the AC - our Keys trip was out of the question. :(

I did get my nt scan scheduled for the baby. It happens to fall on Joey's birthday so I am hoping he can go into work late to be there for it. We will be able to see a lot more on it as I will be 11.5 weeks along then. So now hopefully you can understand why I didn't post in a week! I promise I was thinking of everyone and reading your updates!

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