Thursday, June 3, 2010

Honey Do and Honey Don't

So its been busy around the house the past few weeks. As I mentioned earlier we went and picked up Joey's son a few weeks ago and before that we decided to switch rooms around and put him in the smaller room we were using as an office since he is here so rarely with the thought that eventually his room would become the nursery. Little did we know that three weeks later we'd be planning that nursery out!

Joey wanted to make Devin's room special and being the talented artist that he is he painted some amazing murals in there. I was given the huge task of painting...the water. Then we argued about the waterfalls and I told him if he didn't like my waterfalls and didn't want my ideas he could paint the whole gosh darn room himself. I may have also told him where he could shove the paintbrush. He apologized and begged me to keep painting while considering whether I need to be checked into the loony bin for getting emotional over a waterfall. Devin had asked for an army theme so that's what he got. Please excuse the mess - that's what happens when you put two 8 year old boys in a room together. I admitted defeat on day 2 and just started shutting the door. My pregnant butt doesn't have the energy to clean their room too!

Without further ado here is the finished product:
These would be the waterfalls I threw a hissy fit over!

So that would be the hubby's first project that he wrapped up. He also brought home a new member of the family. He is the most curious bearded dragon you will ever meet. We named him Aragon.

On to Joey's next project. You'll recall that our back porch looks something like this -

Well, Joey decided that he needed to frame  the porch out and start putting some board up. We will eventually screen in the rest. So this is what it looks like for now-
Yes, My husband does have a TV on the porch!

In case you thought that I have been resting on my laurels during all this that would not be the case at all. Just because the rooms got switched around that does not mean that Joey got everything out of the nursery or cleaned it at all. Nope - he just took care of the major stuff and then left stuff strewn everywhere.  It was like a stick of dynamite went off in there. I also had to find different places to stash all of our junk. Except for the big pieces of furniture which I can't move I've managed to get the room cleared out.
With all the projects that have been getting done - one age old battle in our home continues.
We are currently in the midst of a standoff over the dishes. It's not looking like its going to break anytime soon. I've been washing all of my dishes and leaving his dishes and the dishes the boys use when he is with them behind. I'm hoping my tough love will work but there's a good chance I'll be washing a boatload of dishes tomorrow!

I'll leave you with this -
5 weeks
and because I have good sense of humor - here's what the dog did when I tried to take the first picture.


Sammy said...

Wow! That looks like it took a long time to finish, but it looks really cool!

I completely understand your dirty dishes issue, that's how it goes in our house and we don't have any kids yet! Constant standoff because I don't want to clean HIS mess! haha

BTW cute little bump you got going on

Di said...

Thanks Sammy! I hate cleaning his mess too but I usually break down and do it anyway just because I want my house to be clean. Makes me irritable if its not! I think the bump is all bloat right now but I'm sticking with baby for anyone that asks! (It could be all the food I've been inhaling too!) :)


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