Friday, October 22, 2010

Conversations with Jellybean - Volume 6

Conversations with "The Jellybean"

Me: Hey Jellybean!

Jellybean: (Somersault, somersault...Weeeee!) Yea, Mom?

Me: So, I'm starting to think you might not be my kid!
Jellybean: Umm... Mom....Have you noticed I'm IN YOUR STOMACH? (Sheesh...and I thought she was the smart one!)

Me: Yes Jellybean, I know where you are (PS..That knee to the ribs was uncalled for!) but you seem to like certain things that Mom would never ever enjoy which make me question if you're really mine!

Jellybean: Oh yeah? Like what?

Me: Like this!

Image courtesy: Google Images

Jellybean: Ummm..Can't read Mom! Try again!

Me: urghhhh....(smart alec kid of mine!)

Image courtesy: Google Images

Jellybean: Oh yeah! Oatmeal! That stuff rocks! Have you noticed how much I flip out when you eat it? It's awesome!

Me: See Jellybean? I knew you couldn't be mine. I can't stand the stuff. I just choke it down because I know its good for me and you. I think its like eating wallpaper paste though.

Jellybean: Geeze! What's wrong with you? Oatmeal is the best thing ever. Even Dad likes it!

Me: Oh and Dad is such an authority on everything huh?
Jellybean: Thanks Mom! Now I'm scarred for life!

Me: Just doing my job, son!

Now on to our Friday Preggo update:

How far along are you? 25 weeks

Total weight gain/loss? +18

When is your baby most active? He's either going constantly or sleeping a good stretch. Usually more when I'm relaxing but sometimes it doesn't matter. He's chilling today so I guess he tired himself out yesterday.

How are you feeling generally? My back is really starting to bother me. I missed work because of it yesterday. My dr is going to have me start physical therapy.

Weekly BOOO HOOO? I need to start Christmas shopping on a non existent budget.

Weekly WHOO HOOO? Joey actually cooked dinner for us the other night! It involved 9709383209 questions but my favorite had to be - when do you know the noodles are done? Is it when their soft? (From a 32 year old man!)

How did your Dr/Midwife appt go this month? I had one back on the 7th which went well. My next is Nov 4.

Will you have the glucose test soon? Anytime after the 28th. I have my order for it already.

Anyone having a shower coming up? Yep. They are doing one for me at work and my sister is planning my other one for early December.

Finally my second week of joining in -

I am so excited to meet Jellybean yet overwhelmed by the though that it could be in just 3 months. So much to do and so little time!

I wish I was able to take care of my parents financially so they could retire. They have worked hard enough already.

I like falling in love with my hubby all over again through out our marriage.

I can not believe my birthday is 2 weeks away. The last year has flown by and I'm not ready to be 28 yet!

I hope that my Dad gets awesome news at his Vascular appt on Monday and that we can get him in for a quick, affordable and uncomplicated surgery.

I think that my niece is going to do awesome at her cheerleading competition tomorrow and I'm thrilled I get to go watch her do her thing!

I was hoping to finish Jellybean's room this weekend but between the cheerleading competition and a wedding on Sunday - chances look slim!


Shell said...

Love the Jellybean conversations.

When I was pregnant with my first, I hadn't eaten red meat in a very long time. And he made my mouth water at the idea of a steak or a hamburger or roast beef sandwich. Go figure.

MommaAmma said...

I just love hearing from your little Jellybean. You guys are best buddies already! Oh how I miss being pregnant. Second dinner with no guilt was the best thing ever.

Krystal said...

Ahhh what a coincidence. I went to my Dr today and he recommended physical therapy for my back as well. Though, I'm not carrying a child .... I just slump/sit for 10 hours a day....

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

I seem to always check in on Jellybean conversation days! LOVE IT!

Frugal Vicki said...

I love love love the little bump on the side of your belly, too stinking cute when you can actually see them stretching out and taking their own space.
I like your convo's with the baby....I used to have them, too!

MinnieRunner said...

I love the conversation :)

Hope Jellybean will be healthy!


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