Monday, October 4, 2010

Diaper Bag Giveaway Winner!! (along with other nonsensical information)

I have picked a winner for the Diaper Bag Giveaway! Actually the  True Random Number Generator picked the winner. There were 39 entries and according to the handy dandy generator -

#7 is our winner!! That would be Alexis AKA Mom! An email has been sent out and I hope all of you enjoyed playing. Please make sure to visit Laura at and support her and her awesome purses! In case you don't have anyone to shop for - My birthday is 11/7, my baby shower is the first weekend of December, Christmas is 12/25 and Jellybean is due 2/3. :) Just some friendly suggestions. I'm also quite willing to provide clothing and shoe sizes as needed. Or my wish list for the house!

Speaking of giving things away. I have a giveaway coming up with CSN Stores too! Just hammering out some details and I will hopefully have that posted this week!

Otherwise - what you are getting today is a really lame blog post. No pictures. Nothing earth shattering to share. I had a relatively good weekend. Friday night was pretty chilled out. Hubby was cleaning up the yard some and working on various projects. I cleaned a little and stayed glued to the couch for awhile. We made a Walmart run so I could get a refill on my prenatals - which they don't stock so I can't pick them up until tomorrow. Luckily I have some OTC prenatals to get me through. Saturday I went off to my mom and dad's early since I was taking my dad off for his carotid ultrasound. For all of you who do not have insurance and need certain procedures done - I urge you to do your research! I found a place that would do a complete carotid study for $183. Granted it was an hour and a half away but even with gas factored in, it was still cheaper than the sliding scale my dad qualified for at the hospital. On top of that I was able to spend 3 hours in the car with my dad and just hang out and talk. I'm looking forward to repeating this every six months since its time well spent. We really did just talk the whole time. My dad teared up telling the radiologist how blessed he was to have me and my sister, Karolina, there helping out with everything along the way - which in turn made me tear up! The docs should have his results today and then we find out next steps. Surgery etc. Keep him in your prayers if you're the praying sort.

Joey was a champ while I was gone Saturday. He played with the dog half the day. Actually put my clothes in the dryer (on high but he was trying to help!) and he painted the murals in Jellybean's room all day. We still have some finishing up to do but it looks AMAZING!

Sunday was up and down for me. I slept like crap Saturday night since 3 hours in the car does a number on a preggo woman's back. Finally decided I was awake at 7:30 and attacked the house chores. Then I made biscuits and gravy for breakfast and bugged the hubby until he woke up! We buzzed around town for a bit taking care of business and then got in a snit - I think both of us were in a mood and just needed too chill. Once we got back home Joey stayed out back cleaning up the shed while I fumed inside. I cooled off and so did he as the day went on. Baked some cookies, finished up laundry and tried to relax. I wasn't really feeling Jellybean move around as much as usual which had me worried. If I poked really hard he would kick back every once in awhile but I guess he was tired too. He's doing Tae Bo in there this morning so all is well. I made an amazing spaghetti dinner, with salad and made from scratch garlic rolls. Joey ate 4 rolls on his own. Yea - he slept well! 

This morning I woke up to amazing weather - it was only 60 degrees out which is divine for Central Florida! Its supposed to stick around all week! This week is Jellybean's 4d ultrasound and returning this weekend after 7 years we have the 
Joey has never been and it is a really awesome production. Actually for anyone from the Central Florida area - I would suggest attending. So there's my weekend in review. Hopefully I get more entertaining as the week goes on!

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