Friday, October 29, 2010

Conversations with Jellybean - Volume 7

Conversations with "The Jellybean"
Jellybean: Hey Mom! What is going on out there?
Me: What do you mean, Jellybean?

Jellybean: Its like a tsunami in here and I'm trying to take a nap...

Me: Well, we have friends coming over for dinner so I'm trying to get everything ready. There's food to cook.

Jellybean: Oh that looks good Mom. What else ya doing?

Me: I set the table all pretty...
while stepping over these guys...

Jellybean: Looks good, Mom. I still don't know about those two though. So who's coming over?

Me: Our friends that just got married - they have a baby on the way too! So you'll have a playmate!

Jellybean: Dude - I'm so much bigger than that other baby. I could take him down!

Me: Now Jellybean, We're not taking anyone down!

Jellybean: Hey Mom - speaking of all these babies...How did we get in here anyway?

Me: Go ask your father...

Preggo Update time....
How far along? 26 weeks


Baby's size? According to The Bump its an eggplant, BabyCenter says English Hothouse cucumber

Weight Gain? I'm not sure, I haven't weighed myself this week. I have an appt next Thursday so we'll know then I guess.

Maternity clothes? All I can fit into for pants pretty much, still holding on to regular shirts.

Sleep? Good nights and Bad. I'm a peeing machine now though so up at least twice a night for that.

Food? Oh man- I think I am hungry all the time. The heartburn has gotten bearable too which is such a blessing!

Best moment this week? I can't pick between dinner with our friends and possibly good news regarding surgery for my dad.

Movement? The kid never stops. He is also quite adamant about not liking certain positions I try to sleep in. Never thought something that small could make me roll over that fast.

Symptoms? Sigh..The swelling has begun. I noticed this week that my ankles and feet were starting to hurt and sure enough - I got in the tub last night and found a pair of cankles staring back at me. Then I cried for 20 minutes. (Not really!)

What I'm looking forward to? We are finally carving our pumpkins tonight. Then next weekend we are going to the corn maze for my birthday.

Weekly Wisdom: If baby says to take it easy - LISTEN!

Milestones: I can go take my glucose tolerance test now. Oh joy...

What I love: watching the little guy kick away in there.

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Sara said...

Congrats on the 26 week mark! Love your blog! Can't wait to feel my little girl move around! And definitely listen to baby he says take it easy! :)

Diane said...

Hi there! Following along from the Friday blog hop. Hope you get a chance to follow back. I am having a Green Holiday Giveaway event Nov. 7-14th with tons of great ecofriendly giveaways!

Have a great weekend!


Discovering the Me in Mommy said...


Following back

S.I.F. said...

Ha!! These posts totally crack me up!! Hope you have a good time with your friends lady! :)

Veronica Lee said...

Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog.

Have a nice day!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Oh look, it's Jellybean day and I'm checking in again... I feel like I'm gonna know this kid without ever knowing him! :)

I also hate you in the nicest way... I was HUMONGOUS at 26 weeks! You are still little and cute!

Nicki said...

These Jellybean conversations are adorable!!! I am with Sorta Southern Single Mom...I was enormous at this time! you look great!

Shell said...

Hope you had a fun night with friends!


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