Thursday, October 14, 2010

Reality check!

Oh - how I missed you all. Work has been a bear this week and I still have to work Saturday night too. Monday, I put in a 13 hour day. Tuesday - was 14 hours or so. Yesterday - maybe 12. Yeah - I'm exhausted. I'll be catching up on reading and commenting on Sunday. I still have another presentation to write by Monday. Along with various other updates and projects for work.

Joey may have stepped on a minefield this morning after the week I had at work. I know I mentioned last week that I'm used to him running out of money by Thursday. Thursdays also happen to coincide with the start of a new pregnancy week for me so today I am 24 weeks pregnant. That means I have 16 weeks before I have to juggle increased insurance costs, less income thanks to short term disability pay, daycare, etc. So he asked me for gas money...again. Even though I still haven't gotten paid back for all the other times he "borrowed" money until Friday.


Yep - told him that I'm not his mother or a bank and that I don't go around asking him for money every week. He has a set amount he gives me every week and the rest is supposed to last him. He doesn't pay for groceries, doctor visits, car repairs, etc. So there is no reason he should run out. Except he spends his money on stupid stuff. Which I don't even get that luxury.

So tonight is going to be a come to Jesus type talk about the reality of money once Jellybean is here. And how I need to prepare for it now by actually putting money in savings. Which I haven't been able to do in ages. Its not going to be pretty but it is a necessary evil. I think he knows its coming after this morning.

Wish me luck.


Shell said...

I'm sorry for your busy week!

Money definitely changes once you have a baby! It's amazing how a creature that small needs so much.

Hope you get to relax at some point this week.

Sammy said...

I hope you get to relax soon!

We just had the 'money discussion' a few weeks ago. Adam's in the middle of switching jobs and all we've been doing is playing catch-up with bills and things. After we set down and talked we've prioritized, cut some 'fun' expenses, and have finally gotten to save a little. You can do it too, you just both have to follow through :)

nikeathena said...

I highly recommend the "Total Money Makeover" by Dave Ramsey. It helped us get on the same page money-wise. Finances - never a fun conversation, but always worth it. Good luck!

Tylaine said...

Ugh! I hate money problems!! It can turn the nicest person into a monster (eg. me :))
Just remember when that Jellybean comes finances will tighten yes but the most important things you give to that baby will not be bought. :)


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