Sunday, November 28, 2010

Conversations with Jellybean - Volume 11

If you are here for ICLW - Welcome - my story is here.

Conversations with Jellybean

Me: Hey Jellybean -
Jellybean: Yea, Mom?

Me: Hmm - I prefer yes, ma'am...anyhow. I think I'm giving you an eviction notice!
Jellybean: Whoa...I'm not ready to come out yet! It's warm in here. I'm comfy. It's safe.

Me: Well I didn't mean quite yet. See - you're supposed to have 10 more weeks in there but I'm thinking 8 weeks should be plenty.

Jellybean: I don't know Mom. I was thinking I wanted to stay in here for awhile yet. We really shouldn't rush things. I like to ease my way into it. I mean you don't want me to make rash decisions in life right?

Me: Jellybean - My back hurts no matter what position I am in. You have taken my heartburn to a level I didn't think was possible and I have actually considered bringing my laptop into the bathroom with me at work since I spend so much time in there anyway. I think 8 weeks is quite generous. Besides - we have toys out here -

Jellybean: I can't believe you think I'd be that shallow. Wait is that a Train? Oh and Elmo? Wait they light up and make noise? Maybe we can work something out here after all Mom!

Me: I thought that might persuade you, Jellybean! 

And as always - it's time for a pregnancy status check -

How far along? 30 weeks. I have a feeling these next ten weeks are going to fly by. 

Baby's size? The bump says a squash. Baby center says about 15.7 inches and weighs about 3lbs (like a head of cabbage).

Weight Gain? About 25 lbs so far. I still only weigh 123 lbs though so I'm not too stressed about it.

Maternity clothes? Mostly but I can get away with larger sizes in "Normal" clothes too. I always say only the three B's have grown - boobs, belly and butt.

Stretch marks? None.

Belly button in or out? Goodness. Did you see the picture up there? It's soooo OUT!

Sleep? Did I take a Tylenol PM and some heartburn meds? If so I'm probably sleeping. If not my chest is on fire and I can't get comfortable. I'm also up to pee at least twice a night.

Foods I am loving? Pizza - even though it gives me heartburn. Still obsessed with all things potato - mashed, baked, french fries, etc. Milk because it helps with the heartburn.

Foods I am hating? Tea - killer on the heartburn. Can't eat anything super greasy anyway.

Best moment this week? Spending Thanksgiving with my mom and dad. It was extra special after the year we had. I hate watching them get older though, It's a reality I am reluctant to face.

Movement? He's slowed down some. I imagine its getting cramped in there.

Symptoms? Braxton Hicks, dry skin, HEARTBURN, lower back pain, gas, peeing every two minutes...I'll stop there!

Gender? Still a boy.

What I miss? Being able to see my legs when I shave.

What I'm looking forward to? Baby shower #1 on Saturday.

Weekly Wisdom: Water, water and more water!

Milestone: Colostrum is in. That's been an interesting experience. I may have shown hubby that my boobs now do tricks! :) (Yup - there's my maturity again!) We will be in single digits for weeks left this week. Terrifying yet exciting. I have my three hour glucose test on Thursday.

Emotions: I'm a moody mess nowadays. The hormones are definitely in. So far hubby take sit in stride for the most part but everything pisses me off lately. At least I'm honest!


Day 2 Day Living said...

I'm so excited for you! Jelly Bean sure is lucky with all those fun looking toys!

Nick and Kristi said...

Your belly is so perfectly round:) and good for you on the weight gain...Ive been doing pretty good and hope to stay on track but witht all the holiday celebrations its going to be hard:)

Keep baking baby boy!!!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Yep, these 10 weeks will fly, and at the same time? GO SO SLOW!!!

Cape Girl said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love the conversation, too cute!

Just so you know, everything pisses me off, too. My hubby has been pretty good about it as well, especially considering I'm usually the happy go lucky one.

MoonNStarMommy said...

ROFLMBO!!!!!! I love this conversation with Jellybean! It's awesome!

S.I.F. said...

You're almost there friend, and you're doing great!!


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