Wednesday, November 10, 2010

You may need a roadmap or GPS to keep up

I considered a plethora of topics for my PYHO this week. Ex-boyfriends, finances, my dad, Jellybean, sisters, friends, Christmas, the hubby, nuclear warfare. Then I remembered I'm pregnant and lazy and decided to go light hearted and fun for a change. So here is my random stream of consciousness for your entertainment pleasure.

(PS Google Maps can't locate this one - fo sho)

Last night I decided to finish MY leftover birthday cake from Carrabbas. I opened the fridge pulled out the container and discovered there was only one layer left of my 4 layer cake. It was chocolate, I'm pregnant. I'm not telling you where I hid his body.

I managed to pull off a really cute outfit today. It entailed not zipping up the skirt I'm wearing over the leggings and wearing a longer shirt but I finally have a cute preggo outfit. For a week. Until I blow up again.

I had to do my Glucose Test on Monday. That was an interesting experience all the way around. I attempted to make an appointment first - the soonest available was at the end of the month! So I went as a walk in and waited. In what looked like a mash up of drug court and the Shady Oaks nursing home. The pregnant chick stood out. After 2 HOURS they finally called me back to get the most vile and disgusting drink I've ever had in my life - and only gave me 5 minutes to drink it. This is one of those times that I am thankful I partied as much as I did in college and became quite proficient at doing shots. I would have been screwed otherwise. Then I had to wait another HOUR to get my blood drawn. I comforted myself by inhaling a quarter pounder and fries from McDonald's afterwards. What? I'm pregnant!

My cat is also now drinking all the water out of our houseplants. Anyone know a good cat therapist because mine clearly has issues?

Jellybean has found my ribs. 85 days until my due date. I don't even have the crib set up yet. I've only checked out one daycare. I'm a slacker.

I still only have one Christmas gift purchased with 45 days until Christmas. Once again - I'm a slacker!

The hubby and I couldn't reach a compromise on Thanksgiving - we have done his family three years in a row. So he's going to be with his family and I'm going to go spend it with mine. Somehow I doubt that's going to work next year when Jellybean is here. We need a negotiator! :)

Shell over at Things I Can't Say hosts - Pour Your Heart Out. It is a place to just get whatever is weighing on your heart out. Please be kind to all of the posters.


Renegades said...

Ok I'm underqualified to give out marriage advice but a very wise Uncle on mine once told me once you start going to holidays seperate it just gets easier to do it that way. Might be something to think about.

What about negotiation. We've been to your families for 3 years my dad has had all these health issues and it's important to me to be there. Then next year it will be your families turn.

I know from experience our marriage got healthier and happier once we started doing every other holiday.

Just my opinions in no way supporterted by a doctorate or anything just life experience.

Shell said...

He ate your cake? That is just WRONG!

Thanksgiving is with my husband's family b/c it is the only time of year that they are all together.

Christmas was with mine...until last year when we moved so far away and now we just want it at home.

Some sort of schedule would probably help.

Kim said...

I hate the holidays for that reason but you're right as soon as the baby comes you'll have to make a decision. I miss that about being pregnant - eating without guilt. Of course now five months after I still have some weight to lose. I'd do it again though - eat freely that is.

Adrienne said...

Oh! I soooo hated that glucose test! THE WORST! Funny post, especially the murder of your husband. LOL

MommaAmma said...

That is a whole bunch of not a big deal and you are not a slacker ee ness. I tried to make it all one word but one non sentense has to do.

I felt the same way about the glucose "soda", thankful for all the shots.

Ahh, a little rib tickler you have. I had one of those. He is 5 and if I sleep in his queen size bed he still manages to wedge his toes in my ribs. Go figure.

Don't worry about Thanksgiving, let the crazy cat decide.

S.I.F. said...

The whole glucose test thing really grosses me out! Not looking forward to that one at all!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

I love that you compared your glucose drink to doing shots... wish I'd used that technique...that stuff is vile!

And when I was pregnant with my second and a little more careful about my weight :) I would weigh in at the doctor and if I'd gained an appropriate amount of weight, I'd swing by McD's on the wat home for a Big Mac and A Chocolate Shake, because when else is it ever okay to order that. If i felt I'd gained too much, I cried the whole way home- no McD's for me!


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