Wednesday, November 24, 2010

PYHO - A Side of Grumpy with that?

If you are here for ICLW - Welcome - my story is here.

I woke up in an awful mood this morning. Woke up is a relative term anyway since I may have slept four hours in total last night. Which is becoming par for the course. That was despite taking a Tylenol PM in the hopes that I would get some sleep. My back officially hates the third trimester. The fact that I am supposed to sleep on my sides only aggravates the back pain.

I'm also feeling bitchy for a million other reasons. Work crap, life crap - someone did something they said they wouldn't and someone else who I gladly cut out of my life thinks I don't notice when they read my blog. I do - technology works both ways there. To that person I suggest this - if you want to know what is going on in our family - maybe you should actually make an effort to be a part of it. Honestly - I don't care either way. I'm happy with the way things are right now. I have everything and everyone I need.

So anyhow - back to my foul mood. I needed to bust my way out of it and quick like. It was going to be a miserable day at work today if I didn't. Lack of sleep + bitchiness + back pain do not make a pretty picture. I brought my heating pad to work with me and its trying its best to combat the back pain. So that would be step one. Then I knew I needed my old stand by to brighten my mood - music!

The drive into work consisted of my mix CD I made four years ago for me and my sister - it is titled - "Bar dancing, Booty shaking, Best times  ever with your Sista Mix" - and has such fine tunes on it as "It's Your Birthday", "Pour Some Sugar on Me", "Temperature",  various Bon Jovi songs and "Sweet Home Alabama". I felt better already.

Now I am sitting at my desk listening to Less Than Jake. After that there will probably be some time spent with Saves The Day, maybe The Spitvalves. You know the bands that got me through college and have all sorts of warm fuzzy feelings attached to them. I know that this mood is just from being tired and overwhelmed. I have so much to look forward to and be happy about - Thanksgiving with my parents tomorrow, 2 Baby showers in December, our maternity photo shoot, Christmas, and Jellybean's impending arrival.

So, I'm not going to wallow in my misery - even though I kind of want to today. Instead I'm going to lose myself in the music and good memories and hope the day just gets better. Then when I get home...I'm taking a nap!

Shell over at Things I Can't Say hosts - Pour Your Heart Out. It is a place to just get whatever is weighing on your heart out. Please be kind to all of the posters.


Shell said...

Count down to that nap! Lack of sleep seems to make things worse.

Nick and Kristi said...

I hear on the back pain...Mine has just started in and Im sure it will get a lot worse as time goes on:(

Love the sister Mix:)

Mamarazzi said...

love how you were able to turn it around. music is good for that!!

thanks for stopping by my blog. i always do my best to follow people who comment on my blog back to their's to leave a little love!

Go Mommy said...

I hope your nap helps you feel a little more revived!
Thanks for stopping by, we have started a few groups that are great, I think putting my thoughts to words helped me out a little, I just need to remember that in order to be a part of something meaningful you have to help it become that :)

WhisperingWriter said...

Enjoy your nap!

christine said...

Sometimes I just want to wallow in my misery as well, way to not do that! Congrats on your pregnancy!

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