Friday, November 26, 2010

Upcoming CSN Product Review and some Black Friday deals

I feel pretty darn lucky that CSN Stores have offered me another chance to work with them! If you don't know already, CSN sells everything you could possible need and then some more. You can treat yourself to amazing children's toys, tv tables, or maybe a new bedroom set. Regardless of what you are looking for CSN Stores has it!

I had a pretty easy time deciding just what I would be reviewing. My dad has been clamoring on for months about how he would like a nut grinder/mill like my grandmother in Poland has. Especially since he read that walnuts help lower cholesterol. So when CSN offered me a $35 credit towards one of their items, I immediately jumped on their site to see if they had a nut grinder among their plethora of choices. And wouldn't you know it? They had one exactly like my dad had wanted.

It's actually advertised as a hard cheese grinder but we are open to thinking outside the box!

To top it off CSN Stores also has some awesome Black Friday deals that do not require fighting the crowds off or trying to find a parking spot!

These special savings that will be taking place starting November 22, 2010. Since these sites are offering exclusive savings at incredible discounted prices, promotional codes will not be accepted.





Now I'm off to check out those baby deals from the comfort of my couch!

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Erika said...

Oh, I LOVE CSN Stores too! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Congratulations on your little boy! How exciting! I hope the rest of the pregnancy and delivery goes smoothly! Happy ICLW


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