Thursday, November 15, 2012

Breastfeeding and Dad

Can I gloat about how far my hubby has come in the breastfeeding journey?


He’s from Mississippi. Where pretty much no one breastfeeds. Its formula out of a bottle. That’s the norm. He had no experience with breastfeeding prior to Jellybean and a huge learning curve. He’d occasionally get jealous or frustrated when Jellybean only wanted me. Slowly though he grew to love it.


He didn’t have to wake up during the night! He started to understand all the benefits. He was proud of the fact that I was doing what was best for our child. He became my biggest supporter. He started letting his friends wives and girlfriends who were expecting know that I could offer them advice if needed.


What really made me realize how far he has come though was this morning. The man who use to think extended breastfeeding was a little weird brought our almost two year old into bed at 5:30 saying here have some milkies and snuggle with Mommy. Daddy has to go to work.


Now, let’s see what he thinks about tandem nursing if we get there come May! J


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