Monday, November 19, 2012

Take it Easy, Girlfriend!

There is such a thing as too much.


On Sunday – I met too much and it put me in my place.


Had my 14 week appointment with Jujube on Friday. All is well. My weight gain is still minimal, my bp is great and Jujube was all over the place. He/she wouldn’t stay still long enough for the nurse to get a heartbeat.  All over the place! No wonder I’ve already felt him or her. Got my flu shot and the doctor found Jujube’s heartbeat right away!


Joey was working all weekend and our house was a wreck.


So I of course go the bright idea to clean the whole house. I had Jellybean’s room cleaned and straightened up before he even woke up Saturday. Then I just kept going. I swept, I mopped. I vacuumed. Changed sheets. 4 loads of laundry washed. Meals cooked. Some dishes washed. I wiped. Finally Saturday night I slowed it down and settled on the couch to watch Cars 2 with Jellybean.


Only to start again Sunday morning. By 6:50am I’d folded a basket of laundry and baked Cinnamon rolls. By 11am all baskets of laundry were folded and put away, we’d played outside AND we’d been to the park. I got Jellybean down for a nap without too much fuss, ate lunch myself and then it hit me like a ton of bricks.




I’d overdone it. Couldn’t even think about another chore. Instead I laid down with Jellybean and caught a nap myself. Fed him lunch and then we headed to the thrift store and Dollar Tree for a little break. Joey called me during that time to tell me he was now working a double. The idea of having to go back home and finish washing dishes then cook a meal made we want to cry.


So I did what any pregnant, headachy, tired 30 year old mom of an energetic toddler would do.


I headed to MY mom and dad’s so they could take care of us instead. I lounged in the living room while Jellybean ordered my parents around. I snacked, he snacked. They fed us dinner and then we both headed home. Happy and taken care of.


Sometimes – TOO MUCH has to remind me to meet my other good friend –




Amazingly – the dishes and laundry are still there. I’ll tackle them tonight while Joey plays with Jellybean and the house resumes its normal chaos and mess!

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