Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sometimes, I wonder - PYHO

I had one of those nights last night that left me wondering all sorts of things.


Here let me share with you 10 minutes inside my brain –


How is it possible to be gassy, nauseous and have heartburn simultaneously?

(Answer – pregnancy)


What does a husband consider to be cleaning the kitchen up?

(Answer – piling all of the dirty dishes by the sink for you to wash, then making piles of various other stuff for you to go through and wiping down the surfaces. Thanks, babe, thanks!)


What’s the biggest mistake you can make when putting your toddler to sleep?

(Answer – Assuming they are asleep since they haven’t said anything in 10 minutes. So you try out your stealth ninja moves you’ve perfected over the past 22 months to extricate your arm and shoulder from under their body. Only to have them say “ Hey , Momma! Choo Choo Train?” Insert another 30 minutes to get them asleep!)


Is there actually a sippy cup out there that is spill proof?

(Answer – Nope, that is why you’re sitting in this wet spot on the couch.  Which is going to leave a water spot.)


What is the purpose of a booster seat?

(Answer – to contain my child for the 3 months he would sit in in. Now he climbs in my seat at the dinner table and eats off my plate. A little big for his britches me thinks!)


Where does the other sock go?

(Answer - …crickets…)


How is it when I actually get some extra money in my account it dissapears quicker then a regular paycheck?

(Answer – My husband.)


When is the last time I dusted up there?

(Answer – I’m too short to see it so technically there is no dust.)


Why won’t the fricken dog stop peeing and pooping in the house?

(Answer – Because the fricken hubby can’t handle his ONE responsibility in the mornings. You know while I get two people, dressed ready, fed and out the door.)


I should get up and get the meat for dinner tomorrow out of the freezer and into the fridge. And cut up the veggies.

(Answer – Hungry Howies has $5 pizza’s on Wednesdays.)


Why am I still awake?

(Answer – Apparently I enjoy torturing myself.)


What are 10 minutes inside your brain like?


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Shell said...

I cannot turn my brain off at night, either. I jump all over the place.

Adrienne said...

Night brain! I have this too! It sucks. Love the new design. So cute!


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