Monday, November 26, 2012

The Difference between Men and Women

Yesterday, the difference between men and women became glaringly obvious to me.


Jellybean fell asleep in the car on the way back from grocery shopping. We decided to let him sleep and I asked the hubby to bring the groceries in.


Which he did.


Then he sat down on the couch to watch some TV.


I was going to put groceries away but decided I needed to wash some dishes first.


Which meant I needed to put dishes away.


Then I washed the dishes.


I went to put groceries away but realized the fridge needed to be cleaned out.


Which meant I also repackaged all the leftovers into clear containers hoping that if we can see the food that’s in there we’ll actually eat it.


Then I had to wash the previous containers.


And wipe down the fridge.


Finally I could put some groceries away.


Somewhere in there Jellybean woke up.


Handed him a cheesestick and started heating up his lunch.


Sent Joey into Jellybean’s room to play with Choo Choo Trains.


Cut up a ridiculous amount of fruit to keep the fruitaholic happy for the week.


Washed those dishes.


Sat Jellybean down to his Spaghettio’s.


Started making sweet tea.


Prepping more meals for the week.


Joey is back on the couch.


Watch Jellybean feed the dog Spaghettio’s.


Hear Joey start the bath.


Look over and see Jellybean is covered from head to toe in Spaghettio’s.


Eat my salad.


Start prepping dinner. And fix lunches for today.


While Jellybean takes a bath.


Ask Joey if he will just sweep and mop once Jellybean falls asleep for the night.


Wake up this morning.


No sweeping, no mopping.


But I did get a recap of The Walking Dead.





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