Sunday, February 7, 2010

How we met

I'm taking part in the Valentine's Extravaganza over at My Little Life.

I have to say I absolutely love the story of how I met my Joey. It actually took me two attempts to "meet" him.

It was October of 2006 and I was living in an apartment with a roommate. My ex and I had broken up in March and I was loving the single life. I had my own place, a great job, and was going out with my friends all the time. I was finally getting to enjoy life again. I also happened to be driving the crappiest car ever - an aqua green 1996 Ford Escort Station wagon that I had managed to smash up rear ending someone. My truck crapped out on me about two weeks after I moved into my apartment so I had to get what I could afford and that was it. In October my clutch decided to go out on the truck so I had it towed to a shop right around the corner. It was ready the next day so I walked over to pick it up. As I was waiting to do the paperwork I noticed the hottest mechanic I had ever seen in my life through the glass. I was sending my friends dirty messages about what I would do to him on the hood of my car. Lol. I then drove my car out of there as if it was my first time driving stick and vowed to never go there again since I could see him laughing the whole time. I was mortally embarrassed!

Fast forward to December of 06, my car had been overheating and the only way I could get it to stop was turn the AC on. I figured it was a thermostat or other quick fix and decided to bring my car in again. I drove up first thing in the morning and noticed hottie mechanic standing out front changing the sign with the manager. I parked and started to walk up. Well, I guess he noticed me because he was in that shop and behind the desk before I even made it in the front door. We made the usual talk and he said he would go check it out. After checking a million things he couldn't find what was wrong with it so they decided to let it run for awhile and see what happened. I'm pretty sure he got nothing accomplished at work that day since he spent the whole day flirting with me. It took them until 3 in the afternoon to figure out that the computer on the car was malfunctioning. I paid $500 for the car and the computer was $700 so I decided I would rather just fllip the AC on. Then he finally asked for my number, I teased him for not asking for it when he changed the clutch out on my car and informed him that I did not do relationships...

Three years later, I'm eating my words since we have been together ever since!

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Rach (DonutsMama) said...

Awww! I love a good love story! Thanks for commenting on my blog--would love to feature you. Send me your email so I can add you to my list!


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