Monday, February 22, 2010

Not Me Monday

Not Me Monday was created by MckMama -- It's an opportunity to get a little therapy for all those things you would never do, but did :) Click here for all the rules.
Wow, another week has passed already? Where does the time go?

Well this past week here are some of the things I definitely did not even consider doing at any point in time.

I did not forget to wear sunblock at the Daytona 500 and end up breaking out in massive, disgusting sun blisters on my nose which made me look and feel like crap. I would never do something that foolish especially knowing that I am extremely sensitive to the sun!

I also did not slice my hand open while raking leaves yesterday since I know that the rake handle has some jagged splinters on it and I have to wear gloves when using it. The gloves were not laying right out on the counter outside where I could have easily grabbed them and avoided the pain I caused myself. (again!)

I did not let the dog sleep on the air mattress cuddled up to my niece just because they looked so darn cute together.

My nephew also did not tell me that he comes over to our house to see Uncle Joey first and foremost. This was not where he spent most of his time watching the movie Friday night.

I also was not forced to watch a movie about crime fighting Guinea Pigs. File that under an hour and a half of my life I will never get back! Nope Not Me!

Anything you know you didn't do last week?


Adrienne said...

Ha ha ha G Force was not my fav either ...lol and I let my dogs both over 55 lbs sleep with my kiddo all the time

Yellow House said...

I don't ever forget sunblock either... and live to regret it! Hope the burns heal quickly!


Anonymous said...

But they look so cute!
I would have done the same.
Hope your nose is feeling better!

Crystal said...

Wow - sorry about the blisters yuck. I love your header - it is too cute


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