Monday, April 12, 2010

Where we stand now...

Yes - I've been neglecting my blog. The past 3 weeks have been such an upheaval that I have just now recovered enough to get on here and post. My dad was released from the hospital on the Wednesday before Easter. He does not have any lasting deficits from the TIA's. His BP has been steady ever since. He is scheduled to go back to work this week. We also heard back from Shands Hospital that they will be bringing him in for a consult on the EC/IC surgery - which is the only way they can get around the occluded artery. This is another area where I just keep praying that he is a candidate for the surgery and that they are able to cover it with charity.

This experience has profoundly changed all of us. I will be the first to admit I did not handle it well at all. My dad means the world to me and seeing him in ICU just made me fall apart. If not for my family and Joey I probably would have had a nervous breakdown. Since Dad has been out of the hospital you can truly see that he is happy again and embracing life. He researches cholesterol lowering foods on the internet all day long and calls us with his discoveries. We have all been spending a lot more time together and are even closer than we were before - which I didn't think was possible.

I'm going to keep this one short and just say - Thank you all for your prayers and support. Please keep praying that he stays healthy and is able to get the surgery.

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Stephanie said...

I am so sorry that you have had to go through this. My father-in-law had a heart attack last month, and had to have surgery and was in ICU. It was so hard to see him so weak and helpless... he is the toughest guy I know. Luckily he is perfectly fine now, and back to work. It served as a great wake-up call to us all, as you mentioned it has done for your family. It is so great to hear your dad is into making life changes. Hang in there!


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