Monday, August 22, 2011

Conversations with Jellybean - Fliptastic

Hey Jellybean, You want to tell everyone why Mom fell off the face of the earth and hasn't posted a blog in forever?

 Sure thing, Mom!

Well guys, my super awesome mom signed me up for baby gymnastics! I go every Saturday at 8:30am.
It's loads of fun - but if that wasn't enough they have free play too!
Since my Mom loves me bunches she tries to take me to that too. 
 So on Monday's she stays late at work so we can go to the evening session.
And then she has been adjusting her work schedule too so she can take a long lunch on Fridays for the play session they have then.
As if that wasn't enough, her car was on the fritz last week too and Daddy had to work on Saturday.
Mom has been super busy but I still think she's the best because she always puts me first.
 So sometimes she has weeks where she doesn't get to talk to all our friends here.
Maybe its because she is making dinner, washing clothes, or blowing raspberries on my belly.
Or she might be cheering me on when I manage to pull myself up and you know - just stand there. But she's still thinking of all of you.
 And when Daddy takes me for a ride on Blue she finally has a chance to say Hi! I missed you!


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

That is one cute dude, with a great personality! I say, ignore us and keep hanging with that dude!

Renegades said...

My kids did a tumble bus when they were smaller and they really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing the pictures.


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