Friday, August 5, 2011

Life Lesson - The Feed Me Edition

First, a big hug goes out to Sara. She lost her Dad last week and could use all of our hugs and love out there in bloggy land.

Now for my life lessons for this week.

1) On the day you are most tired your husband will come home from work and immediately fall asleep on the couch leaving you to fend for yourself with the baby.
2) This will also be the day you did not get to eat lunch at work so you are ridiculously hungry.
3) It is a known fact that you are extra crabby when hungry.
4) Hubby should know this by now as there are many occasions he has bought a cheeseburger from Mcdonalds while forcing his wife through a marathon shopping session at Wal-mart.
5) (FYI - I hate shopping at Wal-mart with a passion - it’s a necessary evil in my town but I loathe it)
6) When hungry and crabby, I may mutter things about lazy men, divorce and other obscenities.
7) That is a sign to feed me immediately.
8) You can redeem yourself by letting me sit on the couch later in the week with a sleeping Jellybean while you cook and clean.

9) The Calzone hubby made - AMAZING.
10) It's also been made blatantly clear once again that I really don't have a filter.
11) Overheard at our house last night - (of course said by yours truly) - "You know what we should do sometimes?"
 Hubby -"What's that?"
 Me - "Have sex"
12) I'm romantic like that. I mean if that doesn't get him in the mood nothing will, right?
13) Do they have etiquette classes for adults? I could use them.
14) Jellybean is on a roll this week.
15) Cut his second tooth and oh yeah - he can pincer grasp. Who knew?
16) Hubby and I are now addicted to Jellybean's teething biscuits too.
17) In addition to the puffs.
18) What? Mommy gets hungry too!
19) If you haven't linked up for Things I Love Thursday or entered my Veggie Tales Giveaway...
20) Go do it now!


Natalie said...

Yes it always seems that when you need a break the most is when you don't get it for one reason or another aka husband falling asleep in the recliner. And yes a hungry momma makes for a cranky one LOL!

Kakunaa said...

LOL. Yeah, that sounds like my night last night. I finally squeezed in some ice cream. I think my kid is going to outweigh yours within a couple weeks. He put on a pound in 10 days! HUGS.

Oh, and I still haven't figured out sex yet, LOL

mom2kiddos said...

Somebody feed this hungry woman!! Wow your hubby can cook - that's great! That picture of your boy knocked out cold - hilariously cute!

Rach (DonutsMama) said...

Oh, I used to get so mad in the beginning when DH would come home and be all "I'm so tired." I wanted to say "I'll show YOU tired!" But at least your DH made it up (yes?) by cooking!

signingcharity said...

I also hate shopping at wal-mart and may also be missing that filter, on that same topic...last time it took us three days of talking about it to find time and energy (3 kids, ages 5, almost 3 and turning 1 on Sunday)

signingcharity said...

That is supposed to be almost 4. She would be so upset if she knew I messed up her age. Good thing she can't read yet.

brianandhilary620 said...

That is hilarious. I read this and had a severe case of deja vu! I am ridiculously crabby when I'm hungry, which my husband makes fun of me for all the time..


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