Thursday, August 11, 2011

Things I Love Thursday - My Moby Wrap

I mentioned last week that Jellybean had reflux. (Thankfully he has grown out of it now!) What I may have skirted over was that until we got Jellybean on some medication he screamed. Constantly. If we laid him down for even a second.


I was home. ALONE. With a screaming child that hated the car.


Finally, in sheer desperation – I bought a Moby Wrap. I figured if he felt better when he was upright this had to work.

At first the Jellybean wasn’t sure if he liked the Moby. Heck, at first I wasn’t sure if I liked it either!

But I had just shelled out $40 for the thing so I figured I would keep trying. Initially, I tried the newborn hug hold but my curious monkey did not like not being able to see and look around so I switched him to the Kangaroo.

And there was silence.


So four or five times a day, I would strap on the Jellybean and we would walk. All over the neighborhood. I worked off all the baby weight and got to meet the neighbors. The Jellybean would take it all in and then he would sleep. Snuggled up to his Mommy. I grew to love the convenience of the Moby. It wasn’t as cumbersome as lugging a stroller everywhere. It kept people from touching him and spreading their germs to my preemie. And have I mentioned it kept him from screaming? Oh that was nice.

Since then, the Moby has gone everywhere. I wore him at the circus. He was strapped in at shopping trips at Target. Furniture shopping? Yup, A snuggled up Jellybean was right there the whole time trying out couches. Walking the neighborhood looking for a runaway dog – discreetly nursed him in the Moby while talking to those same neighbors! Even now at 7 months old, I will throw the Moby on if he gets fussy while I try to finish up chores and it settles him right down. Quite honestly – it is the best $40 I ever spent. I could live without my stroller even though we do use it more often now but I couldn’t imagine life without my Moby. If you are wondering what to get someone as a baby shower gift or you think they already have everything they need – get them a Moby. I plan on purchasing them for any future momma’s I come across!

You know what else I would love? For you to win my Veggie Tales giveaway! Go ahead and enter!

What are you loving this week?


Mom of 12 said...

When my 3-year-old love the sling when he was little, but they recalled that one and my new one is just too hard to use. The one you have looks great! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

Helene said...

He looks so comfy and cozy in there!! None of my kids ever liked a sling but they loved the Baby Bjorn!!

Shell said...

I loved wearing my boys.

Especially my last one. I made his- just a big long strip of fabric that I learned how to tie.

Sara said...

Everyone I know that has used these LOVES them. It will definitely be on my registry!!

Sara said...

Love the moby! I need to get it out of the car though haven't used it since my vacation! JB is too cute!!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Ah yes, the magic button... finding the one thing that shuts the baby off is a Godsend. For us it was the beach. I could pop The boy in the car, take him to the beach and he's hold up the umbrella and be happy, then pass out in the car on the way home. Luckily, at the time, the beach was only 10 minutes away!


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