Friday, August 12, 2011

Life Lessons - Heartbreaker

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1) This week I learned that your child is going to break your heart.
2) You will carry him for 35 weeks (longer if you aren't carrying Jellybean who insisted on coming into this world early)
3) You will then spend two weeks constantly by his side while he is in the NICU and another 10 weeks at home. You will endure constant screaming due to reflux, marathon nursing sessions and being peed on.
4) Once you return to work you will go visit your baby at lunch every day because 90% of the time he refuses to take bottles so you instead have to nurse him.
5) As most mother's do, you will do 90% of the parenting and baby wrangling. Waking at night to feed the baby, waking up with him at the butt crack of dawn because he is ready to play, being puked on, etc will all fall into your hands.
6) In appreciation said baby will twist a knife in your heart when you least expect it and at 7 months old -
8) Who me? Bitter? No, not at all.
9) I still say it was a question, like are you my Dada? You know, since he's been working weekends and late in the evening so Jellybean hasn't seen him all that much.
10) I think Jellybean realized the pain he caused me since he's been extra snuggly since saying THAT word.
11) We may have slept snuggled up together all night last night. I know we shouldn't but how do you say NO when your baby burrows into you, sighs and falls asleep peacefully?


Shell said...

Aw, girl. That mama will come soon!

Natalie said...

Awww that was Jellybean thinking? He really meant to say mama I'm sure of it!

James and Jax blog said...

Oh men. And boys. Sigh.

I guarantee you Jellybean will make it up to you soon! He'll be saying Mama every 5 seconds!

Sara said...

Hahaha. I think it was a question too. And you snuggle him all you want- Y'all worked hard for that baby- before, during and after the labor. get your snuggles while he still wants to!!

Heather H said...

I heard dada is easier for their little mouths to say, so most kids say it before they say what they REALLY mean to say, which is mama! I'm convinced of that.

Also, give it a few years. He'll be a mama's boy and be all, "Dada who?"

At least that's what has happened in our house...only in reverse (Mommy may as well not exist in the girl's eyes). *sigh*

Rach (DonutsMama) said...

Are you sure it was "dada?" Perhaps he meant "mama" but got his m's and d's confused, lol!

Adrienne said...

Oh no! He'll say mama soon!

Jackie said...

Aw, he'll be saying mama soon and when he does, he will not stop.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I've heard that is because the pronunciation of Da is easier than ma, so that is our real reason. we know it has to be something like that, right?


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