Thursday, July 28, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

One of the things I've realized now that I am a mom is that kids require lots of stuff. There is the stuff you obviously need like diapers, wipes, a second mortgage, and then there are the gems you stumble upon along the way that make wrangling babies and kids so much more enjoyable. Either for the little one or for Mom. There are also quite obviously duds along the way. You are given things you will never use like wipe warmers or toddler leashes. It seems like there are so many toys, gadgets and gizmos out there that it is hard to decide what you truly need for your child.

So I bring you -

This is going to be an opportunity to link up every week and share an item you or your kiddos just can't live without. Sort of an online mom's group where we sit and chat about what we and our kids are loving. I'm not limiting it to baby products since Jellybean will all too soon be a toddler, then school age and so on. If you can try to leave the age group your linky is for in the title - as in - A Little Bit of Life - 3 year old.

I realize that some of you may have things scheduled for today already so if you want to wait until next week to link up I'll be glad to see you then.

Now onto the first Thing I Love..

Jellybean was a preemie.

He looked tiny in his car seat. Oh and he hated it for months.

I would crane my neck to check on him at every stop light if I couldn't hear him.

Then I would drive stressed out until I got to home or wherever because I hated not knowing if he was ok back there or not.

So finally I bought one of these -
It's Fisher Price Max-View Baby In-Sight - $10 at Wal-Mart. They have fancier models but this one gets the job done for me. I can sit up front and glance in my rear view mirror - there's Jellybean -perfectly content. He might be chewing on his foot or his frog. He's staring out the window or babling away. No matter what - I CAN SEE HIM!

Glory Hallelujah - I'm no longer freaked out driving like a maniac because I can't see my baby in the back seat mom. So if you are neurotic - like me - I highly suggest getting one of these. What's neat is you can also use it later so baby can see himself - because everyone knows mirror baby is the best friend a kid can have. I know Jellybean like to talk to his mirror baby all the time.

So - what are you Loving?

1 comment:

Lauren said...

Jellybean is a dollface! I can see why you would worry so much about him. Precious cargo for sure!


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