Friday, July 29, 2011

Life Lessons - Donkey balls and such

OMG - Was this not the longest week EVER? I mean seriously, Friday? You need to get your ass in gear! 

So, finally I can bring you my life lessons for this week. Oh and there have been quite a few...

1) This week sucked donkey balls.
2) Yes, I really did just say that. You should know me by now and that shouldn't shock you.
3) If it did - we really don't know each other as well as I thought we did.
4) This made my Friday at work.

5) Yes, I'm immature.
6) Jellybean is this close to crawling.
7) He gets up on his hands and knees and rocks every chance he gets.
8) I'm going to start shouting "Ready. Set. Go!" and wait for him to take off.
9) Then when he finally does I'm going to cry.
10) Because I'll have to baby proof then.
11) And figure out how to keep him out of the litter box, dog food bowl, under the couch, etc.
12) And because its losing another part of his babyness.
13) Jellybean also has his first ear infection.
14) His only symptom was gook coming out of his eyes.
15) I know - you're thinking WTF? I said the same thing when the doc said ear infection.
16) He's awesome through it as usual.
17) Because you know - my baby is bad ass like that.
18) Tomorrow is also 7 months of breastfeeding for us.
19) Can I get a hell yeah?
20) After writing my post about getting it together on Tuesday. I didn't do any chores the rest of the week.
21) FAIL.
22) Guess what I'm doing this weekend now that I slacked off? While probably chasing down a crawling Jellybean...
23) Oh quit laughing and pass the toilet bowl brush...
24) Oh and next Thursday - make sure you link up with the new meme I started - Things I Love Thursday. It'll be fun!


Rach (DonutsMama) said...

Ok, that IM made me laugh too! I'm sad about Donut crawling too. But I guess selfishly sad b/c now I'll have to get my butt in gear and chase her everywhere. She's already grabbing everything in sight--even my hair now.

Mb Thielke said...

HELL Yeah! on the breastfeeding! Way to go Mama! I breastfed for the first time with my second, and I felt like superwoman! :) Great job!

And my second JUST started crawling like 3 days ago! It's SO sad but also so exciting to see him scoot and get into things :)

I am your newest follower!


Sara said...

Hilarious! I'm totally going to start using Donkey Balls when I talk. And I also can't wait for your new meme!

Natalie said...

Oh my---that is hilarious! And yes I have a love/hate relationship with crawling. It's exciting to see my little one learning something new...but also sad to know he is growing up and the fact I have to chase him everywhere. I'm glad you linked up with Sara and Rach so I could find your blog! I'm your newest follower! :)

Lindsay said...

Yay for seven months of breastfeeding, your new meme and auto corset. :) Glad I found you through the Life Lessons linkup! I'll certainly be following! :)

MamaMash said...

Auto corset can turn any bad day into one full of giggles. Unless it's happening to you! :)

Heather H said...

Watch out! Once E started crawling, she never stopped moving again! (and baby-proofing sucks! I feel ya!) Congrats on making it so long with breastfeeding! That's awesome!


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