Friday, July 22, 2011

Life Lessons - Solo Style

I've been a crap blogger again. Such is life with a babe and a full time job.

1) Hubby got a new job. He makes more money now and gets overtime. Yay!
2) He also has to go out of town for this job. He's been gone since Wednesday at 3am.
3) That means I have been wrangling Jellybean solo.
4) I am exhausted.
5) Jellybean on the other hand is on a roll.
6) He is cutting his first tooth. Quite happily too. You'd never know.
7) I know because I shove my finger in his mouth 10x a day to check on it.
8) He also started army crawling this week.
9) That means I am baby proofing this weekend.
10) Jellybean has also decided he no longer wants to sleep in his bed.
11) Kid will be passed out cold, as soon as I move him into his bed he is wide awake and bawling.
12) Grrrr.
13) Guess who was also wide awake at 4 this morning. As in babbling, playing, the whole nine yards.
14) I definitely had coffee once I made it to the office.
15) Did I say I was baby proofing this weekend?
16) Screw that, I'm sleeping.
17) Oh and winning Powerball - 92 million? Yep - I can work with that number!

18) I read some preemie blogs this week. Made me realize how lucky I am that Jellybean is so healthy.
19) He had his last preemie related specialist visit yesterday and was released.
20) He is actually developmentally ahead for even a full term baby.
21) I'm not surprised - we tend to be overachievers.
22) In fact, we have already started working on his SAT prep.


Sara said...

I'm so glad that he's healthy!! Will your husband have to be out of town like this every week? Also, if you win the power ball, can I have a Prius? Slightly used is fine, just please not green...

Rach (DonutsMama) said...

Yay for healthy babies! Good going, working on the SAT already! I'm waiting on Donut to get her first tooth, but no hurry either. Hope hubby gets home soon!

le Chef said...

I'm hoping my hubby gets to work soon. It can be hard with them gone a lot, but the pay out is always nice. Enjoy the little guy while he still lets you hold him. Mine is 18 now (wow. When did that happen?) and I have to sneak up on him to get in a hug.
He's not a fan. Not at all LOL.

Shell said...

Congrats to hubby on his new job! Sorry that takes him out of town though- I hope you are getting some rest.

Jackie said...

Congrats to your husband! Although, I know it must be very hard with him being away so long.

Oh how I dream about winning the lottery! Can you imagine?


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