Thursday, August 4, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Did you notice I'm hosting an awesome Veggie Tales giveaway? You should totally go enter. All the cool kids are doing it! If you link up today you get an extra entry!

This is an opportunity to link up every week and share an item you or your kiddos just can't live without. Sort of an online girl's night out. So dish about that great new toy you bought your kid or the amazing lipstick everyone needs to try. Let us know what we are missing in our lives. Because ya'll? I'm tired of just comparing sales on diapers and deciding whether I can go another day with out showering!

So for this Things I Love Thursday I am going to go back a little bit and feature something I loved when Jellybean was a newborn. Next week I am going to gush about my moby wrap that I still use now!

The first thing I could not have lived without was Jellybean's swing. He was a tiny thing when we brought him home and didn't really fit well in a bouncer or anything of that sort. Someone had generously gifted us a Graco Newborn Soothing Center Swing and that was the best thing we could have been given at the time. In addition to being a tiny thing, Jellybean also had reflux. 
The swing kept him inclined which would tone down his screaming for a bit. If he had a cold - the incline helped him breathe. This swing was extra cool in that the base for it also fit our car seat so if he fell asleep in the car we could just take him out and snap the car seat in and let it go. (Not that he fell asleep in the car very often. He HATED riding in the car for the first three months!) 

Graco offers the following description -

The Sweetpeace Newborn Soothing Center was designed based on significant research into the needs of newborns, as well as feedback from real-life mothers. This unique tool is designed to simulate the comfort of the womb with customizable touch, sound, sights, and movement. Four unique seat positions and four different cradling motions mimic how you cradle and hold your baby, and six speeds allow you to customize the Center's movement based on your baby's mood and needs. A two-speed vibration provides baby with a subtle, calming "massage" and a built-in swaddle blanket, head support, and snug five-point harness keep baby feeling extra secure.

Soothing, familiar sounds help to relax your baby as well: choose from low-frequency sounds that mimic sounds heard in the womb; natural sounds such as heartbeat, rain and wind; or lullabies played through the high-quality speakers; or provide your own play list with the included MP3 connection and holder.

Baby's eyes are kept from over stimulation with an adjustable canopy, which controls light and limits baby's line of vision--making it easier for a tired baby to feel calm. A close-by mirror gives baby something interesting to focus on quietly.

Regardless - Jellybean loved the thing. 

Sadly - we can't use it anymore since Jellybean now tries to fling himself out of bouncers, swings or anything of that sort...


Natalie said...

I wish I would have gotten my swing sooner...but I didn't get my Fisher Price Papasan Lamb swing until over 2 months! What was I thinking! It was such a life saver though...glad yours helped you so much as well!

Sara said...

Wish I would have gotten a swing! I'm sure life would have been easier! It's not letting me link up! I did post though :)

Shell said...

Oh, what a miracle our baby swing was. Wow, did it give us peace.


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