Saturday, January 30, 2010

Do... Nothing


This is what we are doing today. We FINALLY decided to just take it easy for once. Last night we attempted to have a date night and do dinner and a movie. After making it through dinner we were way too tired to even consider sitting through Avatar. We came home walked the puppy and passed out cold.  Joey had a really rough week - emotionally and physically. He's been sick since Wednesday and still wasn't 100% last night - then he had some unfortunate family drama that really drained him. So it was a good call to just give us a chance to chill.
We woke early this morning to go get some bloodwork done. I was supposed to get my cholesterol checked about a month ago and he started new medication a few weeks ago that of course means an entire battery of tests to make sure all his systems are a go. It also meant both of were fasting.

***Side Note:
Diana does not do fasting. I eat every two hours on average. I am a demon to deal with when I get hungry. I get crabby, short tempered and am not fun to deal with at all.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming...
So we fed the vampires and I started nibbling on a Clif Bar I happened to have in my purse. I was ravenous at this point so my dear hubby knowing his wife pulled through Hardees and definitely ordered me a Bacon biscuit and hashbrowns. We got home where I discovered - they gave me a Bacon, Egg and Cheese biscuit. Not a big deal for most but me - I don't do cheese on pretty much anything other than cheeseburgers and grilled cheese. Yea - Guess who had to fry up some bacon and scrape her biscuit off? Grrr.

After that I hit the bed for a power nap and have been hanging out since then. Joey and Blue have been immobile on the couch all afternoon. Normally on a Saturday I would be doing chores galore and running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Instead - we have leftovers from the restaurant for dinner, the laundry can get folded tomorrow. Today, for a change, is just about us!

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